Depression is a burden to the Global Economy


Health authorities express concern about the rising prevalence of social isolation among individuals. U.S. Surgeon General Dr. Vivek Murthy said that there is a strong connection between feelings of loneliness and sadness. Isolation and social disconnection increase the likelihood of experiencing mental health issues such as depression. The World Health Organization (WHO) reports that around 280 million individuals, constituting 5% of the adult population, experience feelings of sadness. Depression is a prevalent mental disorder that impairs sleep, appetite, decision-making, concentration, time perception, and social interaction.

Murthy said being in a healthy mental state is important to have a good well-being. Our life revolves around according to our state of mind. After observing mental health issues in the workplaces, school, and home, it has grown to be a priority for many people but still, there’s a stigma attached to it. By implementing programs to improve mental health we can help people do better in life.

Supportive workplace benefits

By making the workspace welcoming and supportive it will reduce the stress and mental health issues could be addressed easily. If the mental health is taken care of then it will make the employees happy and healthy. They will be more focused and engaged in work. IPSOS found that around 88% of American workers reported increasing their level of productivity by being physically active. Since mental health is a very important part of life.

Organizations should also include this aspect in their work lifestyle to generally talk about their mental health. This directly impacts work productivity so employers should make it a priority to help employees deal with their problems. Overall, creating a supportive workplace leads to healthy well-being, reduced stress, and happiness, increases productivity, a balanced life, healthy lifestyle and benefits the organization by being more focused and productive work output.

Tools to boost mental health

Providing employees with the resources they need to meet their needs would help to improve their mental health. For example, Employee assistance programs (EAPs) provide counselling and all kinds of support. It gives them support to have a balanced life, and manage stress. Organizations should create a healthy environment for the employees to talk about their mental health problems. They should motivate people who need help to seek help.

Companies should organise workshops about mental health and even include this in their orientation program. Companies should also provide employees with all the resources they need to have a stress-free and balanced life. Because a healthy mental state would benefit the company and make it more productive and successful. Having a safe and friendly workspace would lead to good mental health. It can achieved via having clear and open communication, balanced work and personal life, and rules to make mental health a priority. Even while hiring employees their attitude could be assessed. People with a good understanding, empathy and kindness would make it easy to make a safe space for talking about mental health problems.

Organizations could offer EAPs as well as training to help them deal with problems. Workshops, in-house counsellors, and training events could be organised to help employees learn about mental health issues and ways to deal with them. When organizations help their employees and show support towards them, they’re more likely to show productivity. Helpful employees can make people happy, confident and better able to handle problems. Almost all the companies these days provide health benefits to their employees which usually covers the physical problems one is likely to suffer in life. They should also include mental health issues in it to show care about employees’ overall health. This would make them more appealing as employers.

Benefits of a Healthy Mental State

A healthy mental state helps people to deal with their problems. It also helps companies do well increase productivity and be successful in the long run. Companies could offer employees therapy and programs to deal with daily hassles and stress. This method would lead to getting more work done and fewer breaks as everyone would be mentally fit and focused towards their work. Making a safe and friendly workspace where employees could easily talk about their mental health issues would be beneficial. Early intervention could be provided at the right time to the employees and help them escape bigger issues. If all the areas of mental health problems are addressed it would solve the day-to-day problems of people and increase the happiness scale as well.

In conclusion, mental health should be a priority for people everywhere. Organizations, schools, and universities can help their people by creating a healthy, safe, secure and friendly workspace. Where people could talk about their problems. Ultimately, everyone could have a more busy, happy and healthy life. Taking care of mental health has a lot of benefits. It teaches us to deal with our problems in the long run. It makes people more open-minded and accepting rather than judgemental. Try and put mental health first.

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