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Spriha Mukerjee

Applied Psychologist
I am an Art Therapy Practitioner, an Applied Psychologist and an Academician, having four-plus years of work experience with SGT University Gurgaon and Amity University, Noida. Currently posted as an Art Therapist with NIMHANS Hospital, New Delhi. Have done my training in Art Therapy two years back under Ms.Sonia Bhandari, Secretary & Member for Sai Pushpikaran Educational and Charitable Trust. I hold an online training Diploma in Art Therapy from Renaissance Life Therapies, U.K as well as holds an official badge of Art Therapy Life Coach from Transformation U.k.  
I am also pursuing my Doctorate of Philosophy in Psychology in the area of Art Therapy simultaneously. I practice Art therapy on the principles of Positive Psychology and so far have published research papers, articles, presented papers at conferences, as well as done workshops with colleges of Delhi University and Zorba The Buddha, for passionately contributing to, as well as creating an awareness of the field.

Articles by- Spriha Mukerjee

Role of Art Therapeutic Interventions among children with learning disabilities

Art Therapy can be understood as psychotherapy that is facilitated by a trained Art Therapist, and that involves the use of art and craft materials for the purpose of expressing one’s thoughts ...