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Divya Utreja


Ms Divya Utreja is a Psychologist. She has done M.A. in Psychology from DAV College, Punjab University. She is a member of Mansa an initiative to spread awareness about mental health issues.

Articles by- Divya Utreja

Mindfulness and Resilience

The words “mindfulness” and “(tranquility) meditation” are often used interchangeably. In essence, tranquillity meditation means “focusing continuously on the body,” i.e., not pursuin...

Do you nourish yourself or punish?

The answer to this question lies in our behaviour and habits, how we treat ourselves especially when we are down, and how we let others treat us. For many of us, the truth is that we punish ourse...

Crying: A female thing

When we think of crying, we often have a very vivid image and associated feelings in our mind. It feels as if the world just stopped; everything gets dreary, blurry and looped up in shades of gre...