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Dr Neha Pansare

Doctor and Public Health Professional

Dr Neha Pansare has completed her MBBS, medical school and internship training from Mumbai, India and her post-graduation MPH, Masters in Public Health with specialization in social behavioural sciences from the United States. She brings with her a wealth of 12 years of experience in the field clinical medicine, public health, academia and clinical research with her work across India and the United States. Mental health, community medicine, spirituality and mindfulness, teaching and clinical research are some of her areas of interest. Aside from her profession Dr Pansare takes a keen interest in art, poetry, theatre and learning new languages.

Articles by- Dr Neha Pansare

Mudita – the forgotten concept of sympathetic joy

Mudita also known as sympathetic joy is one of four bhramaviharas or attitudes that are a part of the dharma as described by the Buddha. So what is exactly Mudita? Mudita means sympathetic joy. S...