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Janani Vaiyapuriappan

Clinical Psychology Aspirant

I am a passionate writer right from the years I found my love for the expression of words. My passion for writing initially began with writing essays in school, extensive scripts for MCs, and occasionally for stage dramas in school cultural programs. I also tried my hands at writing short stories, and fan-fiction. The passion continued and I involved myself in academic journals and more scriptwriting for educational webinars, symposiums, and events during my undergraduation. In the subsequent years, I explored blogging, micro-blogging, social media blogging, content writing, and creative writing. I dedicated myself to understanding various nuances of life and its representation in mainstream media. I firmly believe the news we are exposed to, the movies/shows we watch, the songs we listen to, the books/blogs we read, and the hobbies we indulge in largely impact our perspectives on life. Poetry and dark academia touch my soul and the genre of thrillers and romance never fails to intrigue me. Flawed, real, close-to-life stories and characters appeal to me. Being a life science student all through my years of education, the brain, mind, and its various aspects have fascinated me time and again, leading me to pursue clinical psychology. I am actively involved in advocating mental health in recent years. I try to learn every day and present more informed content.

Articles by- Janani Vaiyapuriappan

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