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Meenal Gupta

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I am a creative writer by profession with an inclination towards psychology. Being an ambivert, I know how to switch from a silent listener to a non-stop talker. My inbuilt curiosity drives me to try different fields including blogging, reading, calligraphy, stone painting, and travelling.

Although I am a hard-headed woman but my emotions guide me through different situations. As my emotions help me to connect better with people and things. Also, they help me to feel things deeply and express them through words. While writing, I try to make sure that I create enough optimism, hope, and happiness in the society.

I believe in believing! I strongly believe that if you think you can, then you will. Belief is the strongest state of mind which can attract everything on this planet or maybe beyond. Things might take time to happen but ultimately with the power of belief, you can achieve anything.


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