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Dr Neha Gupta

Human Behavior Specialist

Neha Gupta is a human behaviour specialist who has worked in Corporate, educational domain, for a period of 10 years, she has done her training under eminent Psychiatrists of Delhi and is specialising in Child, relationship, family and adolescent Counselling. She has various publications to her credit in both Human Behaviour and Psychology. She promotes mental health awareness and feels that wrong fundamentals and ignorance in this field can be disastrous.

Articles by- Dr Neha Gupta

Parental Behaviour is the Foundation of Child's Beliefs

Parenting is becoming a matter of concern in today's world. Everything is becoming more crucial and the rate of failure of most of the newly thought methods in parenting are making parents go bal...

Attention: First-aid providers in Mental Health.

Mental illness is very prevalent in the world we live in and the ignorance of not giving it the accreditation makes it dangerous, building small problems into disorders that may lead to incurable...