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Het Tanna

My name is Het. Sounds like hate and ironically it means love. 
I'm a BSc. Psychology graduate from London and I love to talk, read, write and observe. Also I'm a major coffee-lover. My goal in life is to help people. I know, Cliché. But, it brings me a kind of happiness I can't explain. I'm always thinking about it, I mean psychology. When I'm not thinking about it, I'm hanging out with my dog. Who helps me. So basically, it's a full circle. 
Anyway, what I mean is, adopt a puppy.
You can thank me later. 

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Online Dating Cause and effect

Well, as it's the year 2022, it's no secret that almost everyone who is/was single recently has tried the online dating game. Each one of us, if not tried it, has a friend who definitely is on it...