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Hello "human beans",

My name is Yamak Saini and I'm pursuing BA psychology honours(3rd year) from GGDSD College, Chandigarh. I'm an optimistic person, dedicated and passionate about my work. I chose my domain as psychology as I really love it and developed my interest for it in childhood because learning about human behavior and various aspects of human's mind mesmerised me. It feels really awesome to learn and study about ourselves as well as people around us.

Working with the psychologs is a wonderful opportunity which will help me in exploring various fields of psychology and gain immense knowledge. I've always been curious to know more and more about the psychological issues and tried to relate it with societal issues. I've also done various online courses from foreign universities to explore more about the psychological arenas. As far as my writing skills are concerned, I may not be as good as others but I'm happy that I try my best and write plagiarism free content. I hope my articles prove to be informative for all of you. Even if you could take a single thing from my article with you, I would be satisfied. I hope my articles contribute in motivating you all to bring a positive change in yourself for betterment in your life.

Positive change is healthy.Hoping for a wonderful future for all of us.

Spread Love. Peace Out :)

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