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Sharmishtha Chakraborty

Counselling Psychologist
I, Sharmishtha Chakraborty am a Counselling Psychologist by profession. I have completed my Master's in Counselling Psychology in 2019. I currently work as a School Counsellor in Mumbai.
I am very passionate and have a strong knowledge in the field of Psychology(Counselling) by virtue of my education and work experience. I am confident and I deliver my best to the field for the betterment of people and the society. The core factor that drives me is value addition to people's lives, which is why I chose this field. I believe that the profession of a Psychologist is perfect to bring about a positive change in the society by creating awareness about the importance of mental health and helping the one's in need.
I love to write poems and articles related to different aspects of Psychology. I have participated in poetry, slogan writing and article writing competitions during my college days and have won the competitions as well. Writing is a beautiful way of expression I believe, through which I can creatively put forth different thoughts, emotions, perceptions, to which people might connect easily. I am a professional Bharatnatyam Classical Dancer, Bollywood and Comtemporary Dancer as well. I have a hobby of sketching which are connected to the poems or articles I write. It helps in giving a visual representation and explanation of what is being portrayed.
I have completed government certification in Forensic Psychology out of curiosity and interest in the field. I have attended webinars, conferences based on Psychology which has helped in expanding my knowledge and skills in my field. I love to explore and learn new ideas and aspects of Psychology.
My strengths are good communication and listening skills, empathy, problem solving, decision making, critical thinking, time management, innovative and creative, non-judgemental approach, reflecting, paraphrasing and all this helps me to perform effectively and efficiently in the task or work given to me.

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