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Vipul Paliwal

Business & Work Psychologist, MBPsS

Greetings! I’m a learner, facilitator, and a Freelancer Occupational Psychologist with a purpose to serve all things, people. Currently, working as an HR Advisor, Indian National Youth Foundation, and a Graduate Member of the British Psychological Society (BPS). Skilled in Evidence-based Research, Counseling, Career Coaching, Employability Up-skilling, and Research & Consultation. I’m curious about, "How Psychology can be applied in variegate Business Settings?" So if you are curious about the same checkout:

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How To Manage Burnout during WFH (due to COVID-19)?

Due to COVID-19, many are working from home. This is causing a lot of stress and eventually burnout among employees. Read and find out what is burnout, its causes, symptoms, and 10 simple practic...