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Ayesha Subhani


I am a student of psychology with a keen interest in analyzing human behavior and their reactions to different circumstances. I am a social person with an adjusting nature. I aspire to become a psychologist to help cure patients using simple and passive measures. I am also a Mandala artist and I am exploring passive therapeutic measures to merge art with psychology.

Articles by- Ayesha Subhani

Why are Prisons turning into places with Dark Secrets?

A prison is a place of difficult times and the world doesn’t care because it is the devil’s retreat. The punishment and torture can have fine line differences in the absence of any order. And...

Oh Criminal! What you do think?

There is always this strange question that keeps running in our minds; Why can’t we live in a world with no crime at all? Or why does anyone chooses to become a criminal in the first place? In ...