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Jahnavi Badarinath


In this world where people use big terms, the common man is still unknown about psychology.

I am Jahnavi Badarinath, student of Psychology. As a budding psychologist, I would like to reach out to as many as I can. My goal is to make each and every person understand the importance of psychology. The medium of write-ups will help me to explain psychological terms in a much more basic format. I hope by the end we will understand that having some mental illness or any other psychological problem is also normal. Let us all come together to remove the social stigmas. 

Articles by- Jahnavi Badarinath

Why is it important to take risks?

If you do not fail, you are not even trying. To get something that you never had, you have to DO SOMETHING YOU NEVER DID. We have to stay strong, believe in our own self, and TAKE RISKS....

Is it ok to keep expectations?

When we talk about the human mind, the need and want conflict is always present. But now, to consider what does it lead to? The answer is simple, no matter if the goal is achieved or not, one thi...