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Hi! I am a graduate psychology student. I've completed my graduation from Ambedkar University Delhi. I am a psychology enthusiast and highly passionate about the subject. My fascination for the subject has grown out of my practical experiences in the field and also from the books that were constantly feeding me with information about human behaviour. These things not only motivated me to look deeper into the subject but aslo made me think and question the existing realities. I was intrigued by the fact that  I was so engrossed with it and it never happened before. This made me realise that I am genuinely interested in psychology and decided to pursue a career in it. For me, psychology has been an ultimate tool for developing myself. It has so many things that can be applied in your own life and make you a better person. Each and every theory and fact has contributed in making me think critically and creatively.

Over the past few years, I learned the skill of learning new things that can benefit me as well as others. I have developed the sense of being sensitive towards other people and it has made me more empathetic and non-judgmental. This has led me to write and create sensitivity about the very basic things that we all know but still don't practice. One of aim is to spread positivity and awareness through my content to generate hope and thought in people that they are not alone no matter what. For me, human experiences can teach and motivate each other. I would love to create safe spaces for people where they can share their experiences and learn from the experiences of others. It is important to acknowledge each other in order to develop and build a space that is sensitive to the experiences and emotions of others.

I am ardent towards my goal of developing a future in the field of psychology so that I will be able to bring change and happiness in the lives of other people. My previous experiences of working in clinical settings gave me the opportunity to learn from the experts and not only this their passion to work for people and help them ultimately fueled my motivation. To start my journey I started writing, writing about things really helped me to give expression to my thought and not only this I decided to write about things that are simple but can feed people with some basic indormation which they know but don't consider those things and issues to be important. Mental health without a doubt is one of them, it is important to educate people in this area and to tell them about the basics. I cannot emphasis enough on the importance of having a minimal amount of information on something and how it can really help in bringing a difference. We all are unique in nature, choices likes and dislikes but one thing that makes us equal is that we are all humans and it should be celebrated. 

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