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Saba Salahuddin


Saba is a 21 year-old proud Indian with the goal of becoming a mental health professional and spreading awareness about the field in the country. Additionally, she's an artist, writer and an aspiring Psychologist, currently an undergraduate. She's an avid reader too and hopes to inculcate responsible reading habits in others as well. 

Articles by- Saba Salahuddin

Dealing with Socio-Psychological Intruders

We often struggle to set boundaries with people giving and enforcing their opinions upon us, intruding upon our personal spaces by going through our belongings, asking excessive and personal ques...

What can you do when someone reaches out to you?

Sushant Singh Rajput's passing sparked a wave of awareness about mental health. Many people, who aren't trained professionals, opened themselves up for people to talk to them and reach out to the...