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Doctoral Research Scholar (Space Law), Visiting Faculty of Law

Ajay is writer, researcher and a young academician who is an artist at heart and passionate about transformative cause. He is actively involved in social, artistic, literary, research and academic related discourses. He is keenly interested in reading and learning across knowledge domains. He has done Masters in International Law and Human Rights. Currently he is pursuing Doctoral research in International Space Law from Delhi University. Author is looking forward with utmost hope to contribute in making this world worth place for meaningful living.


Becoming sarvo'guna'-sampanna beyond 'merit'

  In western scenario, merit is essentially tied to two kinds of capacities; firstly, capacity of obtaining formal education/learning and secondly, capacity of generating material fortune. While...

Conscious learning from crisis

I was sharing these deeply felt lines to myself. These lines emanated from core of conscience, the conscience that gained momentum by a conversation with nature around me, simultaneously the part...