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Rhea Srivastava


Myself Rhea. I'm a budding Clinical Psychologist. I'm a certified Hypnotherapist. I love reading about psychological facts. Psychologs Magazine gives me the stage to read many interesting facts as well as giving our views on different kinds of topics, basically it is enhancing our knowledge to more meaningful thoughts and ideas within ourselves. I believe one can change an individual's mindset by spreading awareness, because today also there are few people who don't know the meaning of psychology. Hense this platform will provide me with knowledge and awareness.

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"Love that fluctuates is not true love, it is attachment. Love that is constant is god's love." The responsibility of parents towards children is that of the prime minister to the country or a g...


"People are lonely because they build walls instead of bridges". Love is the most profound emotion known to a human being. It can be for your pet, family members, or your partner. It is very im...