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Elaya Raja

Counselling Psychologist

Mr.B.Elayaraja has done Master of Philosophy in Psychology. He holds a Post-graduation Diploma in Guidance & Counselling, Hospital Administration, Diploma in Mental Health service and certificate course in Marriage Counselling, Counseling Psychology, Health and Hygiene. He has several years of experience in De-addiction, Psycho-Pedagogy, Depression, anxiety, marital distress, family distress, stress management, Psychosis management, childhood related problems, Concentration issues, cognitive retraining, sleep-wake distress, suicide thought, Job-Burnouts, lack of motivation, trauma and Psychosexual counselling. He is the proprietor of Kavithalayaa Counseling Centre, Ambattur, Chennai. He also serves as Membership in Association Of Indian Psychologist, Chennai, Joint Secretary In Chennai Association Of Psychologist, Chennai, and Membership In International Association Of Holistic Psychology, Tiruppur.

He has also conducted various training programme/ workshop on Mind management, Time management, Tobacco and its effects, Psychosocial challenges and coping among adolescent, Emotion Management for flood-related distress, Life skills, communication skill, suicide prevention, Tobacco cessation programme, Lifestyle management, Emotional intelligence at work, Psychological treatment for diabetic patients consuming alcohol, Psychological care in type 2 DM patients.


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