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Parvathy Viswanath

PhD Scholar (Psychology)

I'm Parvathy Viswanath, PhD scholar in Psychology from Christ (Deemed to be University), Bangalore, Karnataka, India. I hail from Thrissur, Kerala. I also work as a teaching assistant as part of my PhD responsibilities. I worked as a psychometric assistant in the field of career counseling. I believe every student should choose their stream for higher studies only after attending career guidance sessions because of which I chose this profession as my top priority. I am also interested in organizational behavior and human resources management. Besides, I love teaching and look forward to contributing to the education sector in future. I'm passionate of research and academic writing and have experience in publishing papers and presenting papers in national and international conferences. I believe research is the key to uplifting oneself as a professional and expert in their field.   

Since school days, I was interested in writing. I own a blog website in which I write different articles related to topics of general interest. I started as a creative writer and later shifted my focus more to academic writing and exploring diverse areas in psychology. Being a part of psychologs was a turning point in my career. After I started writing for Psychologs, I was able to acquire more expertise in my field and to sharpen my writing skills. My aim is to present psychological research in simple terms comprehensible to laymen. I hope that will enable me to alter some of the misconceptions people have towards psychology and also make their perspectives wider. Being a part of Psychologs also helped me to read the works written by other professionals and students in my field which really helped me to explore psychology from different viewpoints and to enhance my critical thinking skills. 

I look forward to a wonderful time with Psychologs and  hope I can substantially contribute to the magazine.

Thank you.

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