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Sargun Bedi

Counselling Psychologist

Sargun Bedi is the founder of Lucid Mind, a service brand that offers a platform of soul searching and self-development in an empathetically valued zone. She is a professional counselling psychologist with 9+ years of experience as an author, transformational coach, versatile behavioral trainer, facilitative speaker and creative writer. She is a certified dynamic coach and an NLP practitioner. she has earned my from Northumbria University, England and a PGdip in counselling psychology from Amity University whilst developing a strong hold on therapy models such as CBT, REBT, ACT and psychometric testing. Besides this, she has also authored a book named life- a mixed state which portrays various life domains through poetry & is available on seller websites online. She has been awarded for being a ‘SMART Psychologist 2019’ by Magicka, a woman entrepreneurial platform.
She has trained and counselled various ages and sects of people from different walks of life. Her expertise in professional counselling is posh and upselling. Her forte lies in the minute observations and scientific methodology to understand humans in various settings. This becomes essential in analyzing human behavior, perception, attitudes, abilities and apprehensions, carving out ways in bringing the needed paradigm shift in the society at large. She has conducted extensive workshops in various PSUs as well as at University & school level on counselling processes, mentoring, stress management, anxiety, SDPs, FDPs etc as a behavioral & corporate trainer. Overtime, she has built her qualitative/quantitative research skills with publications in UGC journals. Her published projects include, ‘Cultural impact on happiness and well-being of older adults’ & ‘EAP: A valuable addition. Her scholarly interests range widely from social aspects in psychology, developmental patterns to life, counselling, positive psychology and therapeutic interventions.

She has worked with labels like amity university max hospital, metro hospital and ipssr. She has counselled and coached over 9000+ people till now and aims to grow that number to 20,000+ people by the end of year 2021. Her goal is to facilitate and empower people facing everyday challenges of life. With the help of counselling skills and therapeutic interventions, she aims to help people reach their balancing mechanisms and unravel their potential that is hidden behind the window of pain, confusion and regret. Concerns that I undertake include anxiety, mild depression, low self-esteem, relationship issues, conflict management, bullying, stress and worries, loss and grief, problem solving, time management, anger management, career and more. She utilizes integrative approaches and custom-made therapeutic interventions. Her eclecticism is dynamically solution focused, keeping the humanistic base stronger and analytical base sharper. You can reach her at

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