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Neha Tripathi

Counselling Psychologist

I believe mental health is seen as this in-achievable and inaccessible thing which is true for many of us. Therapy/counselling is costly, it is limited in terms of reach, and it becomes more difficult with the stigma as a constant shadow. Mental health is not easy to maintain, it requires efforts not only by the person who’s suffering but by the people and society around them. In making mental health a reality for the masses, it is equally important to think critically about the political and social environment. In the process, let’s also not forget about the nutrition, technological impact on our lives, and the ever-changing social media world. All of this implies that there is no singular reason for why an individual suffers through anxiety, stress, have panic attacks. More pathologically intense conditions may become worse if spaces around us are not kept healthy. Therefore, to make a mental health-friendly world, we all need to work together in our own revolutionary ways.

My work is mostly focused on how to demystify mental health in India and provide more affordable spaces for counselling and therapy. I am evolving and learning every day. In this quest, I read, try to take constructive criticisms from people around me in good spirits, I make podcasts, take counselling sessions, and write. In my free time, I like to explore the youtube content, listen to podcasts and shayaris, cook.

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