World in The Aftermath Of Covid-19 Crisis

World in The Aftermath Of Covid-19 Crisis

The world in The Aftermath Of Covid-19 Crisis Coronavirus, that began to spread in China soon engulfed the whole world. In a very short span of time, it has turned into a global pandemic encompassing the extremes of east and west alike. The deadly contagious disease has already infected around 1.4 million people with a death toll above 70,000. It seems that the world is facing an existential crisis. The spread of Coronavirus can be situated in the broad picture of 21st-century challenges the world is facing in the form of environmental degradation and geopolitical tensions. It has highlighted the vulnerabilities of the world we live in. But unfortunately, nobody seems to pay attention to them. Key Takeaways From The Crisis-

  1. Covid-19 has brought even the so-called developed countries to knees. The healthcare systems of Italy, Spain, the USA, etc have crumbled under the burden of patients.
  2. It has called into question the mode of development that developed countries brag about.
  3. With the whole world going through lockdown, a global economic crisis is already in the offing. IMF has warned that the world is heading to recession worse than the subprime crisis of 2008.
  4. The global governance architecture has failed like never before. The role of the World Health Organization in preventing the spread of the disease has been questioned. Some have already alleged it to act with a bias in favor of China.
  5. Response to Coronavirus has remained nationalistic. No efforts have been made for an international response. This is going to aggravate the trend of ‘deglobalization’ across the world.

These are the times which require leaders who are internationalists in vision and globalist in action but unfortunately we have none. This is the reason why we have not learned the lessons from the crisis and remained oblivious to what is before our eyes. Lessons To Be Learnt Coronavirus has completely overhauled the world. It has called into question our way of life that is antithetical to the idea of sustainable coexistence with nature. For the greed of accumulating more and more wealth, we have already destroyed the nature beyond repairability. Nature had always been clear about what is permissible and what isn’t. But we crossed those redlines and destroyed the buffers that existed between us and nature.

As a result problems of great concern arose in the form of global warming, ocean acidification, melting glaciers, etc. The spread of infectious diseases is also one of the consequences. I see coronavirus as not something natural but a man-made disaster. Until the countries and their people learn it, the world will be facing even the worse in one or other form in the upcoming years. Human beings are an integral part of nature and exist as one more form of biodiversity. We are not superior to nature and need to live harmoniously with it. Secondly, all problems that the world is going to face are transnational and cross-domain in nature. No country is insulated from these challenges. So there is a need to strengthen global governance architecture, multilateralism, and international cooperation to deal with challenges. Now coming to globalization, there are some people who called Covid-19 a problem of globalization. This assumption is flawed because interconnectedness has become our way of life. Any attempt to resist it would go in futile. I see globalization as the only solution to such kind of challenges. It is clear that no country possesses all the resources to deal with it. By combining the best medical practices, containment strategies, and innovations, we can defeat coronavirus. The post-corona world would be very different. Life would begin from scratch. Once the crisis is over, nature would be healed to some extent. There is already evidence of improving air quality in cities, faster recovery of the Ozone layer, etc. It would be up to us to decide what course of action we want to choose – either to continue in the path of destruction or to learn the lessons that are loud and clear. In the end, I wish my readers a healthy life. Keep washing your hands and practice social distancing. Let’s pray for those are suffering and wish for their speedy recovery.

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