What Is The Positivism Of Healthy Relationships In Our Life?

What Is The Positivism Of Healthy Relationships In Our Life?

We talk so much about mental well-being. But what is that one thing that holds our mental state right, and is significant in our survival? Well, it is none other than our relationships. It is one of the most crucial factors for a healthy living. If you want to take charge to form your life beautifully, the first and foremost thing you can do is to take care of your relationships. People are busy building a good physique, career, and whatnot. Are they trying to form good relationships? It is saddening to see that they neglect this angle of life. Is a relationship any less than career goals, dreams, and ambitions? Let's be honest and accept one simple fact of life that we human beings are social animals. We need people around us. This fundamental fact of life is critical for not only survival, but also linked with our happiness, desires, career, dreams, goals, and aspirations of life.

Why relationships are even needed? Just pause and give it a thought. Blissful life is all about when you can count on and rely on someone in times of need and someone who has our back in times of difficulty.

We can all agree to this that often the most beautiful things in life are difficult to attain. And so are relationships. Who said relationships are easy? Of course not. Being in a relationship is never an easy job. It is one of the most tedious jobs. A beautiful African proverb quotes ~ "If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together." Realize it that relationship needs your constant effort. If you don't put it, it won't grow. It is like a tree. It needs nurturing regularly.

How to develop healthy relationships?

If we see reality, no two people are similar. But what brings them together is the bond formed from relationships. We often get attracted to people for various reasons. And that is what holds us together. Besides that, love, devotion, unity, commitment, etc, are some healthy things that can work in our favour in building strong relationships.

Be optimistic: Relationships don't work if you are negative. You need to show the trust in your relationship to make it work. The relationship ride will be bumpy. Every time you cannot have a smooth ride. If you stay firm, optimistic, and positive, your relationship will serve as a rock-solid pillar for you in your life. The researchers have found out that it is essential to be optimistic in relationships as it helps in cognitive advancement, as well as a secret towards having a sharper mind. It can reduce the chances of having Alzheimer's disease and dementia. An optimistic mind can make you feel secure in your relationships. If you aren't confident about your relationships, it will evoke a constant fear within you. And this may cause damage to your relationship.

Take responsibilities: At the end of the day, what we all have is our respective relationships with each other. So never be afraid of taking responsibilities if you have to. We must do it with our utmost sincerity. The greatest gift is to be loved. So never be afraid to take charge of your relationship as you do of your life. It gives an immense sense of pleasure, joy, and peace if done with proper care. And if not, then it can lead you to misery and sorrow.

Relationships can be the backbone of your success. If you want to empower yourself, then you need to talk about it openly. Your behavioural duty will help you in gaining trust with your partner. For a healthy and stable relationship, you have to be open towards learning rather than playing defensively. 

Appreciate and Encourage: Not only a career, but even relationships also require constant boosting and motivation. If we try to appreciate small little things, then it can give boost a relation and can help it achieve a super healthy condition. Every individual requires positive responses. And we cannot keep the ends loose. You must always appreciate and encourage the work of your loved one. If you want to build up a rock-solid trust, then you need to encourage the people whom you consider close to you. Only then can you see the inadvertent results it brings to you.

Be patient: You have to remember that no one is perfect. Don't be in a hurry to judge the other person. You cannot accept that individual to be exactly the way you want them to be. And if you wish things change, then you need to be patient with your relation. Today the relationships suffer because they cannot hold this great virtue, and they crave instant results. A lot of good things can happen if one can cultivate the art of patience in their relation. If you hunt for a short cut, then you will have to juggle with the burden of your relations shortly. Gone are the days of our ancestors where they believed in making things rather than breaking. People look for quick fixes. We need to empathize and understand the situation instead of blaming one another to make our relationships work.

Conclusion :

No institution teaches you the mantra of how to maintain a relationship. Many of us may know what love is all about. But we lack the knowledge of how to give that love and make others happy. It is necessary to invest a decent time in all our relationships to make them work well. Besides relations, it is also essential to take care of yourself so that the bitterness doesn't prevail and slowly creep into your relationship. Make a constant effort to work on your relations. Don't be stubborn about your relationships, or else it will fall apart. If you are looking for prolonged happiness and joy, then you need to take action daily, filled with positivity. Problems are common. If you see, there are issues. try to resolve them at the earliest. Leaving it like that may create more troubles in your ‘created heaven’. To conclude, a sense of correlation is required to form a beautiful bond of relation as it brings to mind an understanding of affectionate support to your loved ones. Hence, this gives away a meaningful twist to your connections and adds value to self without any need to compromise. So for an everlasting relationship, let your relations breathe and leave them as flexible so that they can grow in their way.

This is eventually how the positive freedom in relationships is explored, and its inner core of positivity experienced in its best and purest form.

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