What Is Dream Interpretation, And How to Know Our Inner Self?

What Is Dream Interpretation, And How to Know Our Inner Self?

What Is Dream Interpretation, And How to Know Our Inner Self?

What are Dream Interpretations? 

Dream analysis is a type of technique in which the dream seen by a person is analyzed and interpreted and on the basis of the interpretation results one tries to find the underlying motives or symbolic representations. It gives information about how we feel and think and also gives information about the unconscious mind and helps in getting insight into our behavior.

Facts about dreams

  • Every night one sees around 5 to 7 dreams.
  • We are able to remember only one or two of the dreams completely.
  • While dreaming our subconscious thoughts keep unpacking one by one.
  • A dream is one of the most interesting and fascinating parts of a person’s life.
  • Each dream is unique.
  • All the dreams follow a certain symbolic pattern.
  • It is the scientific study of constant symbolic patterns that forms the basis of dream analysis.


  • Ancient Egyptians used to believe that dreams are the way in which god tries to communicate with human beings.
  • The scientific study of dream analysis came in the twentieth century and it was done by Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung, they developed scientific theories of dream analysis.
  • Freud published his scientific study of dream analysis in his book “ interpretation of dreams”.

Sigmund Freud's view on Dream Analysis 
According to Freud, dreams are a representation of the suppressed desires and emotions which are stored inside our unconscious mind, and then our conscious mind is then protected from disturbing thoughts and urges. According to him the motivation for our dream comes from our experience throughout the previous day. His theory relies greatly on symbolism. 

Carl Jung's view on dream analysis 
According to Carl Jung dreams are the representation of our inner self. He believed that dreams are themselves a source of new information and hold a greater understanding of it. He formulated that dreams are formed on the basis of the manifestation of a particular type of archetype. He believed that dreams have signs and signs are known whereas symbols are only known particularly. He didn't interpret the meaning of the symbols but he believed that exploring the roles of symbols can give a deeper understanding.

Meaning of various dreams and the reasons behind

Dream about Falling- In this, the person in the dream experiences a feeling that he/she is falling from a very high building or from some very very top place. The experience of this dream can be so realistic that we even wake up and start to feel anxious.

Reason: There is something in our real life that is not in your control and your life is not going well. The problem can be related to a relationship with a partner, family, or any loved one, related to work, business, or study.

You Can’t Run- In this type of dream how much we try we are not able to run away from the problem and even if somehow you are able to run then also you would be running in slow motion sometimes in this dream we fall due to the collision of some unpredicted invisible object in our way.

Reason: This dream happens to come to those people who are in a situation where they feel powerless, helpless, and weak. This dream indicates someone's low self-esteem and low self-confidence. 

Chasing by someone- In this dream, we are being chased by someone known or unknown. This can result in an increase in heartbeat. Sometimes people instead of real human beings see some kind of terrifying creatures behind them.

Reason: In our life, one is ignoring and neglecting a type of problem that should not be ignored. Due to this problem avoidance, our subconscious mind tries to indicate to us the problems so that we can pay attention to them.

Person chasing - This shows that we are running from any of our desire or feeling in real life.

Animal chasing -  This indicates that we are trying to hide from our anger, passion, or any other feeling.

Terrifying creatures chasing-  This indicates our bad childhood experience or trauma.

Opposite sex person chasing - This indicates that one is afraid of love or one is terrified from their past relationship and now one doesn't want to get into a relationship.

Flying away- Seeing oneself flying in a dream is a mixed feeling. Most of the time these dreams are pleasant, happy, and relaxing in nature. There are usually lucid dreams. Here we know that we are dreaming. For some people, these dreams are happy or pleasant but for some these dreams can be terrifying especially those people who are afraid of heights.

Reason: This type of dream represent two different sites

  1. Represents freedom and independence
  2. Represents the feelings and desires in which one is trying to run away from the reality that we are trying to go away.

Lost/Trapped somewhere- In this dream, we feel that we are trapped somewhere, maybe in a maze, big building, or jungle.

Reason: This dream indicates that we are trapped in some particular situation in our life. And we are not able to take the decision regarding that situation. This also reflects our mental, physical and emotional burdens in real life.

Fail in the exam- in this dream one finds themselves failing in some kind of exam. In this type of dream, various types of situations can arise like not getting a pen while the exam or not getting an exam room or pen not working while the exam or giving an exam without preparation, not being able to answer in the exam, and feeling anxious.

Reason: Most people who see this dream are not even in school. This dream happens to those people mostly who are feeling anxious about some kind of examination in their real life.


In conclusion, we can state that each of the dreams holds a different meaning and are a representation of various events that are going on in our life. It's also the representation of the suppressed emotions, traumas, and desires that are now held in the subconscious mind. And a proper interpretation of dreams can give a depth of knowledge about oneself.

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