Marijuana use during pregnancy: Negative effects on the new born child.

Marijuana use during pregnancy: Negative effects on the new born child.

Marijuana is a dried portion of 'Cannabis Sativa' plant. It is usually used to smoke or eat in order to experience certain effects on the body. Consuming Marijuana helps in enhancing sensory perceptions and relaxation. It is legal in few countries, whereas in other parts of the world it is illegal.

Marijuana intake during pregnancy has risk of several complications on the baby. Researches have shown possible effects of Marijuana use on the child during pregnancy which includes low birth weight, premature birth, still birth, small head circumference. Some studies show that using Marijuana during pregnancy can have behavioural changes like hyperactivity during the developmental stages of the child.

A recent study published Monday in 'Journal Nature', August 2020 reports that women who used Weed/Marijuana during pregnancy are 1.5 times likely to have children with autism.

Another study published in 'Neurotoxicology and Teratology Journal' , July-August 2004 shows that there is a high risk of poor academic performance of a child whose mother consumed weed during pregnancy period.

The American College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists encourage women to avoid use of Marijuana during pregnancy because of concerns like impaired neurodevelopment.

In some countries even though Marijuana is legal, some women face penalties for using it during pregnancy, under Child Protection Policies.

There is very less research done in this area which brings to a need of lot more research to be done to have a clarity about the cause and effect relationship between Marijuana use during pregnancy and the child born.

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