Technology in today's world is taking over our actual world and human connections are not given importance in an actual physical circle but it is only stuck to the virtual world and the virtual friends. We spend most of the time of the day with our phones, even when we are with our friends or family we are still on our phones so the quality of time that we need to spend with them does not get fulfilled. Phubbing is a term that was coined in 2013 and has come out from two words which are snubbing and phones which together form the word ‘Phubbing’. Phubbers are people who use their phones and ignore their friends while they are in between a conversation and research and this behavior can been seen even among patterns who are sitting together to spend time together but are continuously on their phone and are always on their phones even. Even social setting or even in private. Study shows that the so-called Phubbers are way more likely to experience a mental health illness for issues. Researchers also found that people who are suffering through depression and Phub their friends more frequently in social places themselves have some underlying issues that are and dealt with eventually leading to this.

As we know that people who prefer social online interaction instead of face-to-face or personal communication who suffer from some social anxiety or are generally socially anxious people so they exhibit more phubbing behaviors. Or cell phones have become such a distraction for ourselves that with even one irrelevant notification our whole attention shifts from the conversation that we were having with the person to our cell phones sometimes resulting in the forgetfulness of the conversation that they were currently into. If you are sitting in a restaurant or a public place just observe people sitting around you even in groups and you will still find phubbers all around you. Now it has also become an addictive behavior. Research done on 472 undergraduate students with an average age of 19 with a daily stricter amount of smartphone usage went through the research in which they were tested for social anxiety, neuroticism, friendships satisfaction, and agreeableness. 

The results showed that they had higher levels of depression, social anxiety, and neuroticism and in fact, friends with higher phubbing levels had lower levels of friendship satisfaction in their life. Phubbing is considered and seen as rude behavior but still, people continue to do it. Another thing, phubbing is more common in groups because people feel it is okay to use their cell phones when they are in a group as they feel they are not being noticed but that is not true, people subconsciously what is this behavior. In fact when a person just turns their phone around or switches it off or keeps it away from their eye level the other person actually appreciates it and finds it a kind gesture the show that they are genuinely interested in talking with them.

Phubbing is strongly connected to smartphone addiction as well. Our whole life revolves around our cell phones, it's like a cell phone includes our whole life so even if we try we can't get rid of it but using cell phones only when we are free or during our leisure time, we instead use it all the time and this is an addiction which everybody has but is not been taken very seriously as per now. Children at a very young age young toddlers are also exposed to smartphones and this addiction has started to be present with the person from a very young age. Once you identify this damaging habit of yours, it's never too late to get rid of it or change it. We can simply start it by making meals and no phone zone or while we are having any conversation with our loved ones to simply keeping our phones away in the time. Being aware that one should be fully present at the moment, it is okay to distance yourself from your phone for a while and especially away from your eyes as there is a famous saying that what is out of sight is out of mind.

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