Try to handle them AND Not to squeezed up them

Try to handle them AND Not to squeezed up them

We all have heard this line every now and then from parents or older adults that "When kids turn into the teenage years we have to always keep an eye on them put on the restrictions on them so that they don't make huge mistakes in life. As we all know the teenage years time is the most crucial and the most important time to each and every teenager and at the same time difficult too go through also.In todays growing generation there is always a kind of hanging sword over them. The teenagers of this generation are always busy in proving themselves "who am I". and in this continuies process of proving they don't even understand when they start following the wrong track AND second change is in this years is the hormones of the body start changing. So it's normal to get opposite gender attracts as well as craving towards trying new things and many more things. But as a parent when the child does any mistake so to correct them most of the parent use the same traditional methods such as Taking away the phone, Using the abusing language or else beating them or putting restrictions on them the reason why these techniques are wrong because For example:- Lets take spring. Have you ever watch spring. The time when we put our hand pressurized towards the spring it is in the squeezed position as soon we remove our hand from the spring it bounces up with double force such as with childern when we put up too many restricitons on them when they do any mistake and continiously keep eye on them they get pressurized and sit silent but as soon as you remove your attention from them they will do the mistake again and that to with greater intensity.

Here are the some tips which parents and a child can do to have a healthy parent and child relationship:-

  1. Whenever you feel you child is feeling alone or looking for support or if you see some sudden changes in the behavior. Rather than labeling them as you are doing drama try to figure out why he is acting such a way.Because as SIGMUND FREUD SAID " UNEXPRESSED EMOTIONS WILL NEVER DIE. THEY ARE BURIED ALIVE AND WILL COME FORTH LATER IN UGLIER WAYS". The best thing to do in such way is to sit with your child figure out why the child is acting in such way and also make them feel that whatever happens you are there with them.
  2. Don't be an helicopter parents towards your child.It meand don't try to be around them for every now and then but make sure you are around them when they need you.
  3. Try to involve your child in small small decisions. Because of this the child's confidence of taking their decisions increases and they also feel frank towards their parents
  4. And the last point to all the growing teenagers. Always discuess your ideas with your parents rather than discussing it with your friends. There is nothing wrong in discussin it with your friends but what can happen is mostly all your friends are also of same age as you are. So there may be chances that you make get wrong guidance.

And to get the healthy parent and child relation the contribution from both side is important.




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