Social Distance

Social Distance

Away from your kith and kin
you feel like it's the end
hope blown away in the wind
but try to cope and surely you will
sway toward the win
trapped in the rough weather
but we're in this together
It's not the first nor the last
present hurts but soon
it will be the past
Time shall pass
from morning to noon
march turning into June
pitch dark night
becoming full moon
all you gotta do is to
put more of a fight
and we will be through
every thick and thin
closeness caters love but
just in this instance
It'll be better to
keep social distance!

About the Author

Aman Bhushan
PG(2nd year) in Psychology.

I am a psychology student doing post graduation(Final Year) from Banaras Hindu University. I chose psychology because It gives me a totally new per

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  • Great poem, they said they'll publish mine. Dunno when.

  • Such a lovely poem!

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