What Is The Key To Success?

What Is The Key To Success?

When you compare your life with other people, have you stopped and wondered what made them more successful than you? What extraordinary did they do in their life to attain that position? If you stop by and give a thought, are those who are failing to achieve their goals, are they any less ambitious than those? Of course not. Maybe they hold a lot more aspirations within themselves. You need to love your goals and ambitions in life. Unless you do that, you can't get it. For that, you require a disciplined life. Many people think that staying disciplined is indeed a tough job. But is it so? Have you ever thought why staying disciplined is difficult? What does self-discipline mean? It is an ability to bring your life in control. It increases your focus on various aspects of living, career, goals, and dreams. You become more organized and sorted. You become more responsible for the outcomes you create for yourself as well as others. You also become self-sufficient. You get a clear picture of where you stand out in life with an enormous amount of willpower and the drive to make things work out in life.

A beautiful quote by Jim Rohn, an American author, and motivational speaker ~ "Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment."

Everyone has dreams in their life. To fulfil those ambitions, you have to follow certain codes in life, which when consolidated becomes self-discipline. So basically, discipline acts as a link between those goals you have and the accomplishments of your life that you want to attain.

Why is self-discipline vital for life? 

Our life is standing on the pillars of our habits. In the course of living, we develop certain practices. Now, these practices may be good or bad ones. So if we pick up any bad habits, then we need to break it. If you want to form any habit for yourself, then it just takes 21 days to do that. Self-discipline is also a kind of habit that you develop over a while. When you are into good habits, you can see an immense change in your own life. It helps you to make your life a better one. People often get scared when they hear the term discipline. They feel that they will get restricted in life, and they will lose their freedom for living. So they try to procrastinate the habit of discipline. But we can consider self-discipline as a regular one just like eating, sleeping, and bathing. If these things we can do without fail, then why can't we introduce the essence of self-discipline in our regular daily routine of life.

How can we achieve self-discipline?

Self-discipline is a determination towards self-practice to change one’s way of living and of looking at various things in life. You have to feed your thoughts with the positivity of self-discipline. If you want to attain success, then you have to follow under a daily routine. If you utilize your time wisely, you will have enough relaxation for yourself at the end of the day. So here are some ways on how to achieve that discipline in your life without getting bored.

Make your time table, and stay sincere: The first thing that you have to do is to get yourself accustomed to practices. You know your job better. Hence, make a schedule of it. Try to plan out things in a better way from the starting of the day to the ending. When you know your day's work, it becomes easy for you to follow, and repetition of this will automatically make you a person of discipline at one point in time.

Stop procrastinating things: Often, it happens that we don't feel like doing anything, and we keep on delaying the work. Laziness can be your biggest enemy. So if you have time in your hand, do it on time so that you can be ready for the upcoming projects or life goals and also have a sufficient amount of time for yourself. Stay focused and don't get distracted by fancy things of life. Your goal should be clear, and you should have a proper plan to work towards it. 

Eat, sleep, exercise, and meditate: Your food, sleep, and exercise matters a lot to lead a disciplined life. Get yourself that beauty sleep so that you feel active when you wake up in the morning, and then you can be more productive and constructive towards your work to execute them well. Follow a proper diet. You must consume healthy and clean food. Our eating habits do affect our lives. Your choice of food determines your lifestyle, and this can create an impact directly on your living and thus indirectly affect your goals, and towards being self-disciplined. And last but not least, try exercise and meditation. It helps you bring a balance to your life and thus supports you to become a better version of yourself.

Try to be persistent: Persistence is the key to success. When you love something very dearly and want to achieve it, without continuity, it is tough to climb that ladder. Without failure, there is no success story. Successful people have failed several times without giving up, so it doesn't matter how difficult the road is. Unless you are willing to walk without stopping, you won’t get what you want. So keep on trying without giving a break to your dreams. And one fine day with all that dedication, perseverance, and hard work, you will be able to achieve what you want to.


Out of all the skill sets in life, this is one of the most vital and crucial. Without being afraid of the word discipline, try and understand the depth behind it and why it is necessary to have a good and healthy life. It is right that in the process of developing discipline is difficult, one can get scared, frightened, stressed, or be in a dilemma about the outcome. But without getting anxious about the whole process, if we enjoy the entire idea of the explorations of it, then we can be more content with ourselves and enjoy the results at the end of the day. It needs one thought to change our entire life.

And also, mingling with the right kind of people can help you to develop good habits and show you the right path instead of leading you wayward. 

Jim Rohn excellently quoted ~ "We are the average of five people we spend the most time with."

So DREAM BIG and stay self-disciplined.

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