Personality assessment of couples instead of "Kundali milaan" before marriage

Personality assessment of couples instead of "Kundali milaan" before marriage

Many couples have butterflies in their stomachs just before getting married. There’s a good reason behind this instinctive fear as well for marriages go wrong all the time. One of the prime reasons for failed marriages is an incompatibility between a couple.

One of the most important thing for couples is to consider an assessment of mutual compatibility before marriage. A personality assessment and emotional assessment can help couples to understand each other better and raise compatibility.While you can consider couples therapy, you can also seek the help of a professional psychologist. Professional psychologists are trained to perform personality assessments and emotional assessments. They also have experience in offering relationship therapy.

How assessment helps
Many people suffer from personality and emotional disorders. Unfortunately, these disorders often go unnoticed both by these people as also those around them. It takes the training and the skills of a psychologist to spot such conditions. If either or both members of a couple suffer from a personality or an emotional disorder, the chances are high that they will face problems after marriage. By conducting a personality assessment and an emotional assessment before marriage, psychologists can offer appropriate therapies.

It is important to conduct such assessment tests before marriage. Otherwise a couple will have to go through unnecessary emotional turmoil. Psychologists have the skills and the training to offer effective therapy that can help couples manage their relationships better. With the help of a psychologist, couples can expect to deal with personality and emotional disorders.

How do such assessments work?
Psychologists use a variety of tools and techniques to conduct personality and emotional assessment tests. Assessment tests may be conducted for the couple together as well as individually.To conduct a personality assessment, psychologists conduct subjective assessments, objective assessments, projective assessments and psychoanalytical assessments. To conduct an emotional assessment, psychologists use a mix of psychotherapy and psychological assessment. They then use their skills and their expert judgement to determine the personality traits and emotional traits of individuals.

A psychologist can prescribe a course for action after conducting these assessments. If emotional or personality disorders are present in either member, a psychologist can even prescribe a necessary course for treatment.

Psychologists generally carry out assessments and therapy sessions in a clinical setting. Such settings usually last for about an hour and may include one member of the couple or both.

How to arrange for personality and emotional assessment

A proper personality assessment and emotional assessment can only be carried out by a practicing and licensed psychologist. Psychologists are also trained to deal with relationship issues, and they can offer couples therapy. By getting such assessments conducted before marriage, a couple can save themselves from going through unnecessary troubles. To arrange for a personality and emotional assessment, make sure to choose a psychologist who specializes in relationship issues couples therapy. While every psychologist will be able to conduct assessments, only psychologists who specialize in a relationship can help with treatment.


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