Messages! Are you taking it too seriously?

Messages! Are you taking it too seriously?

Every single day, our mobiles are flooded with humongous greetings of ‘Good Morning’ and ‘Good Night’. Thousands of motivational messages and jokes we are bound to entertain from people across.

Its good, as positive thought at the beginning of day will surely give a good kick start. But, at times, we have notice people, who take messages personally and may get motivated, happy whereas also feel offended, irritated, angry, creating disturbed state of mind.

With all the activities going round on social media, one need to understand where and when to draw the line.

A number of psychological complains are now coming from individuals, who are getting affected significantly, thus reporting mental conflict due to messages forwarded to them now and then. The paramount reason being, they start taking the forwarded content personally and start comparing it with their own life.

Let us understand with example: ‘we need to think that, today is because of past and, tomorrow will be result of today’. Now, people will evaluate such statements, as per their intellectual level, current state of mind and body, their experiences with life and definitely as per the source –who said, asked or shared. If some star speaker is conveying, then think, how big of an influence it is going to, in terms of reach and effect both.

This is only one example, from the text media we receive as forwarded. There is an ocean of speakers, motivators and influencers and it’s growing each day.

People tend to underestimate that we all are unique as individuals, despite of striking uniformities and similarities. We all have set of traits, we have inherited and acquired which help to form our personality and to define ourselves. Our behaviour, problem solving patterns and reactions to daily life situations differ accordingly.

Every thought coming to us and the way we react /respond, make us distinctive, be it anyone out there or you, who is reading the article.

What we really need to understand is that, when we hear or read any message as motivation, suggestion, or instruction, we should not take that as specific address rather, it usually is a generalized message.

For example, when a teacher says “you need to work hard”! Who need to work hard, this is especially directed to all those who are lagging behind; it is a general instruction, not specific. We can easily understand the difference between a customized stitched dress and a ready to wear dress purchased casually, which goes with average or general measurements, produced in mass and caters to general requirements but not one size fit for all! Then, why is it difficult to differentiate between messages forwarded to us.

I have come across many cases, which report anxiety or depression due to development of mental conflict after reading these messages; they are unable to decipher what is actually right or wrong.

My motive is to spread a conscious awareness, that all of us are different and we have specific patterns of behaviour, so we act and get effected differently.

Read, but in a generic way, every message is not tailored for you.
Speak, what you feel and get suggestion, if you experience a mental or emotional conflict.

People perceive the message and readily get to connect it to their own life. Often their own experiences get into play, when reading those messages. We may also notice that a person, who is struggling and fighting in their life gets negative emotions with abundance of motivational thoughts and success stories as they gets more depressed and demotivated thinking as why they have yet not succeeded. They start comparing context of the message to their own story. This is where the problem begins. One needs to realize that such messages are coming from various sources; there is no intent attached to a particular set of people.

Everyone has their own struggle in life. Everyone has their own past, good and bad, but everyone has a hope for future as well!

Being active on social media, it is required to understand that you won’t get what you expect or want, always. You have to turn smart enough, to take the positive side of the message and accept that it’s just a common message, not peculiar to you or some particular individual.

Few really handy tips which can help to take off the social media pressure and the constant intimidation added with it:

• Start physical and mental exercise for better health

• Start connecting to real not abstract people and thought

• Evaluate what you have done and achieved, as per your strengths.

• Use one's intellect to take the good part of it and move on.

Everyone is unique and have the unique story of theirs....

Please accept yourself as distinctive and special, do not give importance to forwarded message so gravely that it effects your mental and physical state of mind.

Stay wise and happy!

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Dr Mamta Jain

Dr Mamta Jain is a Gold Medalist in Psychology. She has extensive experience in handling Alcoholic De-Addiction cases, Child counselling, Behaviora

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