Lost elderly woman suffering from mental illness rescued in Mumbai

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Lost elderly woman suffering from mental illness rescued in Mumbai

On January 9th, a viral video of an elderly woman went online on Facebook. The video was of a man appealing for help for a mentally unstable old woman. She seemed helpless and lost and had a swollen leg. This video was from Mumbai, and the man asked for help from anyone who could get her back to her hometown in Almora. 

The viral video caught the attention of Uttarakhand's chief minister Pushkar Singh Dhami, who then directed the SSP in charge Pradeep Kumar Rai to take swift action.

The police team from Almora went to Mumbai to find the old woman but they were unable to do so despite efforts. They tried many different techniques to locate her, they put up pamphlets of her face with missing written on them all across the places to get a clue if anyone had seen her. They looked up at all the nearby places where homeless people stay including shelters and dharamshalas for 3 days. The old woman was mentally unstable and had a broken leg which made everyone worried about her more. Ultimately after three days of extensive looking out they were able to find her. 

Mental illness is commonly found in homeless people and is also responsible many times for their disability. Homeless people are most often found to be suffering from severe mental illnesses such as schizophrenia which disrupts their reality and they are not able to have stable thinking.

The police helped her get treatment for her leg after which she was transported back to her home town Bhikiyasain in Almora on 16th January, Monday. The old woman is much out of her misery, and people feel a sense of warmth and happiness seeing such a rescue take place. The timely action and hardwork put forward by the officials have brought a lost person back to their home, and people feel safe and secure about this.

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  • EXCELLENT JOB... I salute the police officers.

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