Lockdown Journey: An Un-Knocked Situation?

Lockdown Journey: An Un-Knocked Situation?

In the recent times of unprecedented change and mis-happenings, we are still trying to convince us of the reality of the situation. With the day-to-day rise in the number of Covid- positive cases and with the dearth of the proper available treatments, we are in a state of apprehension, which is quite normal. The impact of this situation has left us with a deep stigma of isolation attached to its repercussions. Profoundly influenced all of us in many ways leading up to a major impact on psychological health as well. The fading hope of finding a solution to this situation has been giving rise to many new mental health issues leading us to a state of despair, loneliness, depression, anxiety, fear of contracting the illness, and isolation. With the outbreak of the Covid -19 pandemic, policies have changed with the inclusion of the new era of social distancing which has markedly left us with a constant feeling of emotional and social separation from our loved ones. Right from the lockdown period to the unlock period, the situation has made the status of the crisis even more unmanageable. The frequency with which the situation has turned out has been repeatedly exposing us to many major threats of the health crisis in the end.

With the awaited approval of the vaccines, we are going into the loop of misconceptions. As with the existing conditions of cases, the internet is flooded with covid -19 pandemic daily updates. Checking every news channel, every newspaper, the social media tweets are indeed trapping not only our attention but also brutally influence our mental health. Sometimes we forget to pay attention to the present moment details and keep on engaging ourselves with the current stressors with which we abound. Nevertheless, our mind is consuming and accumulating the plethora of daily statistics of the rising cases, and so we are looking at the same thing repeatedly, which is negatively having a profound impact on us in a very discomforting way. With a lot of chaos and toxicity breeding in our minds, there is a need to get a sense of relief from the current reality and be mindful of everything we think and do. Before placing yourself in a challenging position, thinking of the present moment, and acceptance of the present crisis will help us to remain calm and less apprehensive. With the right preventative measures, we can stay immune from being caged inside a state of an apprehensive mind. Being mindful of every thought can save us from the disbelief of a hopeful tomorrow. It will never let our actions to feed our mind. Being active on social media is a good coping mechanism for refuelling our mind with a dopamine rush to make us feel good. However, scheduling a designated time for friends and family is also needed to keep ourselves on track of daily activities. Getting yourself into a hobby that you like, being in touch with nature, and finding a place where you can reflect at the end of your day will let you believe how far you have come. You will find yourself free from the down thrones of these ruminating situations, which are perhaps the made-up scenarios due to overriding thoughts of anxiousness and gulping down the stress way to our mind. Cultivating into a daily routine and the activities, which are more likely to give us a sense of satisfaction and happiness will be a healthy choice. What about if we can ourselves create a garden of affirmations. To make a garden of positive thoughts, we must sow the seed of affirmations in our mind and water it daily with positivity just as the brimming positivity of sunrays.

Letting the deep rush of oxygen inside of us will help the seed to thrive even in the times of this unpredictability. By practicing meditation, yoga, deep breathing exercises will make you more present with reality. To be in the present moment is what our major obstacle is. Sometimes getting our feet and hands into the soil, and sitting close to nature will enhance the mood. Doing the regular household chores or decluttering your workspace will let you clear the filtered picture of you being procrastinating and blaming yourself for the unproductivity. As the lockdown and restrictions on social gatherings are necessities for curbing the rising cases and to slow down the impact of Covid on our lives. It still has been a hurdle to many people while dealing with it on a day-to-day basis. The majority of people are new cases of OCD due to a rising fear of getting in contact with touching any surface. Even if a person is allowed to go to the office, the thought of getting in contact with colleagues in creating havoc on our mind continuously. People are getting into the fear of contamination and repeatedly using undoing as a defence mechanism. Until and unless they get rid of the thoughts, they will often try to neutralize their repetitive thoughts by washing hands and counting. Often it has been challenging for the sufferers but not impossible to cope up with. Well managing the dire consequences of the pandemic has been a throttling experience for the covid-diagnosed patients. The rate of downfall in the cases has been a long-awaited task for the medical team. Getting started with the routine work, matching with the daily deadlines while working from home has set up endless boundaries of not being able to manage tasks. For many people it gets difficult to manage work-life combined with their household duties, from buying groceries and doing assignments to match their corporate deadlines, it has been a stressor for undoubtedly many of us. Parenting at this time also is crucial as children are occupied in binge-watching television, cartoons, and using the internet services for nearly most of their time rather than judiciously using it. Waking up at odd hours, sleeping at the wee hours has disrupted all our routine tasks. It has unbearably emancipated us from adapting to a daily routine that is needed. How can we adjust ourselves to the changing circumstances? How can we adapt ourselves to frequently encountered daily life struggles? How can we deal with this un knocked situation and see the other side of the possibilities?

  • Be realistic towards the routine. Do not be too neglectful or too harsh on yourself. Set a daily reminder of your duties, and how far you have come by journaling your experiences.
  • Make healthy choices for a good sleep. Practicing sleep hygiene is a necessity during this time. Limiting social media for prolonged periods can pave us to isolation but trying to maintain a balance between work life and personal life will add clarity to your life fulfilment.
  • Not overindulging you with the daily updates of coronavirus and the number of rising cases as it can add to more anxiousness and worries.
  • Try indulging in your hobbies, which makes you feel happier and more alive.

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