Insights of what is Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

Insights of what is Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

Insights of what is Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

Raising a child, as we all know, has always been a difficult task for all parents. But a special mention needs to go to those parents, who have an autistic child. Yes, the challenges are a lot more than any usual parenting would demand. It takes a lot of patience and commitment for parents to manage the daily chores along with taking utmost care of a specially challenged child. It requires a lot more study and technicality, coupled with sufficient scientific proof when it comes to the handling of an autistic child. So far, the findings by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have found out that autism is more common in males than females with a ratio of 4: 1. Autism or Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a composite disorder in the development of a person, who then faces challenges in the areas related to communication, behavior, or interactions with other people around. There are different degrees of autism, and it is quite a broad spectrum, so it varies from person to person. Some may experience mild, while in other cases, it may range from moderate to severe. So, we must be aware of the circumstances that first emerge in infancy or childhood. It usually occurs when your child is 2-3 years of age. This may continue up to adulthood or may persist for a lifetime, although it may also subside over time. We must as well keep in mind that autism is not distinguished by a single symptom but by a group of symptoms put together. So let's have an in-depth look at the indications to figure out. 

#Symptoms of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

#1.Problems with relationships and social interactions: The break-up of these particular symptoms is as follows: 

  • Trouble in understanding other's emotions and feelings.
  • Trouble exhibiting empathy towards others.
  • The difficulty with eye contact, body language, and facial expressions or cold behavior.
  • Wishes to play alone or not showing willingness to engage with peers.
  • Lack of concern or interest in developing relationships with others.

#2.The problem in communication: The break-up of these particular symptoms is as follows : 

  • Faces difficulty in maintaining to and fro conversation with others.
  • Have a greater propensity for repetition of language or words, which are also known as Echolalia.
  • Generally, they delay in talking, or to be more precise with the data that 40% of them don't even learn to speak.
  • Trouble in initiating conversation with other people.
  • They face difficulty in conveying their want and needs.
  • There is also abnormality in the tone of their voice like sing-along tone, robotic tone of voice, etc.

And other red flag symptoms include head banging, flapping hands, full-body rocking, spinning, staring at objects continuously, and many more. So these are few things that can well indicate that your child may have potential symptoms of autism and needs help at the earliest.

#Cause for Autism Spectrum Disorder :

Besides symptoms, one must also know the causes or reasons behind this complex disorder in a person. Autism can happen to anybody irrespective of anyone belonging to any race, gender, social background, family lifestyle, income, etc. Also, as mentioned earlier, there is no single ground for autism to take place, but it may happen due to multiple reasons. As autism occurs within the boundaries of a family, so there is a possibility of genetic presence involved as a factor, as pointed out by the researchers. An individual may be born with the underlying genetic disposition that probably became the ground for the development of autism. In a recent study, it has also mentioned the cause of environmental factors that play a significant role in the development of autism. One of the other components of high exposure to an autistic child is that of elderly parents giving birth. Other factors in the context of autism disorder can be related to pregnant ladies during their pregnancy. The issues can be either lack of nutrition during the times of pregnancy, exposure to any infection or infectious disease, vulnerability to drugs, anti-depressants, harmful chemicals, pollutants, or any form of medications that are not fatal to health. Some other reasons could be being overweight, low pressure, or ladies having an anemic tendency, or those already anemic. 

To avoid such risks, expecting or pregnant ladies should take measures that might reduce the exposure of hazards to their newborns. Few such measures to do so can be the intake of proper medicines like multivitamins, folic acid tablets, and other such medications prescribed by doctors, refrain from any harmful substance (such as consumption of alcohol or smoking), an extensive study of parental care that will eventually help during the time of pregnancy. 

#Treatment for Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

Unfortunately, there is still now no concrete treatment for autism. But, with proper medication, care, and treatments, we can battle the complexities and ailment one faces.

And of course, if you face any such issues or even a suspect, it is wise to consult and take help from a group of professionals who are experts and can lend their knowledge and provide expertise to help you deal with it. Such treatment and therapies include:  

#1.Medication: The truth behind autism spectrum disorder that we have cited earlier is that there is no treatment for it. Nevertheless, in some cases, medicines are required for particular instances. Neuroleptic drugs, specifically for psychotic disorder and antidepressants for depression and anxiety-related issues, are often needed. Parents need to be extra cautious and alert about the medications as some may have a hazardous effect on the child, and of course, consultation with the doctor is imperative for smooth execution.

#2.Proper Education and Knowledge: Constant up-gradation of oneself is required who have been facing this issue. If you don't have a proper understanding, you won't be able to understand your child's behavior and won't be able to help out your child when in need. This learning is a lifelong process. The more you know about the subject, the therapies, and treatment or even the developmental areas of neuro-development related issues, it will benefit you and your child a lot. There are many programs related to communication, behavior, and social skills to support and encourage as they respond to these sorts of programs, often with the aid of professionals. Besides the management of finances, there are also other forms of knowledge where one should take care of various expenditures that may come along.

#3. Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA): It is one of the most potent and gold-standard interventions for autism. The treatment or therapies involve teaching a child the coveted methods of behaviors and skills. A unique methodology is adopted to undertake head-on the issues that a child may face. It helps in developing positive mannerism and behavior by eliminating the negative ones. It also ensures assistance in harrowing situations it may bring. But of course, this involves highly skilled and certified trainers who have specialization in the applied behavioral analysis (ABA) monitored by the Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA).

#4.Speech and Occupational therapies: These are some other forms involved in the intervention process of autism. Speech therapy is one that allows or helps your child for the betterment of his verbal skills as communication is indeed one of the prime ways of understanding various things. The purpose serves mainly those whose verbal skills have been marred considerably. Whereas, on the other hand, occupational therapy provides support on the development front of the child where he can attain a definite level of autonomy, and does his tasks by himself like bathing, eating, dressing, etc. So these are indeed helpful in the process of treatment.

There may also be other mental health issues that come along with ASD like sleep disorder, depression, and anxiety as mentioned earlier. Many social challenges also come along with growing age. So an expert can also help an autistic child deal specifically in these areas of life.

Conclusion :

"He who has a will to live can bear almost anyhow."~ Friedrich Nietzsche.

It so happened that lately, I came across a beautiful quote on life, which has pretty well stayed imprinted on my mind. It says that a person who has suffered wishes for an escape, but he who has a purpose in life and is willing to live for it, will overcome all hurdles thrown by life. So it brings relevance to all parents who are dealing with their autistic children or any adult who has autism. You must know that life may be a little more challenging than usual. But at the end of the day, you must know your purpose to combat it all, and life is worth above all these.

The truth may strike hard, but there shouldn't be a sense of regret at all, by staying away from all the blames that you might put on yourself. The impediments are there, but it is always wise to pull up your socks and keep yourself informed of the alarming challenges that you may face and also, to seek help from the experts. Above all, one must not forget to take utmost care of themselves as the majority of them overlook this fact. If you are doing something for your self-interest, then nothing can be the best ideal thing, especially in a crisis, as it will help you keep your spirits high to offer your child and yourself a lot more.



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