I love you, but do I love myself?

I love you, but do I love myself?

I love you. Sounds familiar right? I am sure we all have come across this statement. If you haven’t, watch any romantic movie and you would know. We hear so much about loving others, but have we ever thought about loving ourselves? Maybe that’s why we don’t hear-“I love me” frequently. What is loving yourself like? Self love is an honest appreciation for self. We treat our loved ones in the best way possible, same goes for ourselves. Self love is a catalyst for psychological, physical and spiritual growth. It’s not a luxury, it’s a basic necessity. When we love ourselves, we become aware of the things that hurt us and deal with those elements more efficiently. We hear doctors talking about maintaining physical hygiene, self love can be referred to as a process of maintaining mental hygiene. We declutter our souls of thoughts that make us feel less about us and accept our flaws to be something very natural and embrace them. Self-love is not always about expensive spa days and holiday trips, sometimes it’s about disciplining your mind and prioritising your mental health over anything. It has the power to help you identify your true potential and utilise it at the right place. We all run after perfectionism at the cost of our mental health, but let me remind you, you can’t achieve your goals with a tired mind and soul. Self love drives us to do better in our lives. Appreciating ourselves helps us to learn to appreciate others with their flaws. Giving ourselves the love that we give to others is the best gift we can keep giving ourselves. We have to stop being so harsh on ourselves. Whatever we do to ourselves, we have to first ask ourselves just one question-would I do this to my loved one or just anyone I know? And if you don’t answer yourself affirmatively, then you stop right there. Self love doesn’t happen in a day. It takes time but there has to be a starting point and I think it’s always a right time to love yourself!

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