How can we control our minds and make friends with it?

How can we control our minds and make friends with it?

Does it often happen that you got stuck? You are confused. You have no clue in life. You don't know what to do next. Hang on!

It is essential to stop by and recognize your thoughts, comparing the negative v/s positive. Negative thoughts can take a tremendous turn in your life and not even making you realize that you are doing something which you are not. The mind can be our greatest foe and, at the same our greatest ally too. In maximum cases, your mind turns out to be the foe. Why does this happen? Have you ever paused for a minute and gave a second thought to it? It is because you leave your mind loose to make you a fool. You are not able to control the mind. The brain has its logic, and it will make its decisions without any further consultation. It is so strong that the voices which it delivers, you believe it to be true, without understanding your true self, and that's where the mind plays the game, and you are knocked down by the prank it plays on you.

How many of you believe you are not good enough? And also never try to understand why you feel so demotivated and discouraged. Is it by the outside influence? Is it for people around you who make you believe that you are not worthy enough? Most of the time, we get carried away with what others think about us. The mind finds the most convenient way to safeguard the brutal opinions of others that is not even true. What happens is that, you get demotivated, discouraged, pessimistic, develop inferior complex, go into the state of depression, isolate yourself, stress yourself a lot, you feel you are not pretty or not so good enough. You take people's beliefs about you too seriously. You try to ask for more opinions from your friends, relatives, partners, your so-called well-wishers, and you try to make yourself satisfied. Isn't it?

But have you ever tried to realize your beauty about yourself? Why is that you are letting your mind take over the emotions which you have for yourself. Is that natural what your brain does to you? If you think deep, your mind can be your enemy, but it can turn out to be a good friend too, and why not, the dearest friend of yours, if you try to befriend the enmity and embrace the friendship that mind has to offer you. It is for this reason we see people with a different mindset.

You must be wondering how some people remain happy, and others remain dull and sad? Why some people are carefree while some are anxious? Some don't think what will happen in the next moment while there are still people who are so worried about their future? I will tell you, don't be surprised if miracles happen in your life. There are methods in which the wonders can happen with you too. It is nothing unnatural. The mind makes you worry about things. And it is quite hazardous. When you start worrying about unnecessary things, you shift your focus from your primary goals. If we see many people suffer from depression, stress, and mental health problems. It is all because you worry too much. Your mind is taking a toll on your life, and the saddest part is you are allowing your brain to do so. Your brain is like a child. It needs to be taken care of, or else it will disobey you, and you cannot do anything about it later on. If you see, most of your thoughts are regular and usual and well pointless too. You have no control over your thoughts. Sometimes it feels like it is uncontrollable and not in your hands, and of course, that is so true. But despite this, you need to tame your untamed thoughts which flow continuously through the day. Unless you do that, you won't be able to see your brilliance, intelligence, potentials, the vastness, the originality, the imagination behind the clutter of your negative thoughts which have taken a room in your mind and making it blocked to flow the positivity inside your head.

So it's time to clear the mess, that is, the thoughts that are not so positive and great. The best way to cleanse the negativity is through mindful practices and meditation. It will help to have a clear vision of your life. You will be more clear of the choices you make and feel confident about it. You won't be needing any opinions of the second person to know your worth. You will have a clarity of thoughts, fluttering your mind unnecessarily. The most important or most unimportant things, which are the goals you have and what matters to you daily.


  #1. Meditation: Practicing meditation helps you train your mind to give the strength to think in the right direction and not excessively put stress on your brain. It is an ancient practice from the time of Lord Buddha. It is a great tool to cleanse your mind from all the negative beliefs. Meditation will make you happy and help you in having a blissful life. By practicing meditation every single day, you will feel endless energies within yourself. If you don't miss a day and make it a habit, you will, later on, understand the impact of meditation in your life and what benefits you got from it.

#2. Isolate yourself from the negative thoughts: If you want that your negative thoughts don't bother you anymore, then you need to allow your mind to distance from the negative thoughts as much as possible and feed your brain with positivity. Mix with positive people, watch motivational videos, read books, engage yourself in healthy eating like fresh green vegetables, and fruits. Do activities that make you feel relaxed like watching good Netflix movies or web series, talking to your type of people who motivate you. When you distant yourself from all negativity, your brain will start reacting positively. A thoughtful negative mind cannot generate any positive outcome in your life.

#3. Set yourself free from the past baggage: You need to set yourself free and let go of the past and embrace the present by not thinking of the future. Keep track of your negative thinking and substitute with positive if any of the thoughts bother you and stressing you up. Try to maintain ease with yourself and not be harsh and strict as it will only make you lose your peace of mind. Keep loving yourself. The more you hold the baggage of the past, the more negativity will bog you down. So to set yourself free from all the negativity and have a healthy state of mind, it is necessary you be happy and live in the present by accepting the situation.

It may not be that easy for you in the initial stage to overcome, but nothing is impossible also. Start to act today before the mind takes too much control of you. Coach your brain regularly and make yourself the priority. It needs daily commitment and dedication. Your mind is like a monkey that makes your thoughts jump from one to another and making you restless.

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