Homophobia during lockdown

Homophobia during lockdown

COVID-19 has made our stay at home. Staying home is somewhat manageable to some but for some groups of people, it is like staying inside a cage. Some are dealing with corona fear, whereas homosexuals are dealing with the fear of their sexual identity. 

Homophobia can be defined as irrational hatred or fear of homosexuals. So, when a person is discriminating or prejudiced against homosexuals then he is suffering from homophobia. Homophobia has a very adverse effect on the mental health of homosexuals.

We always need people of our mindset, to whom we can share our problems. Being around those people helps us to cope with our daily stress. Homosexuals too need people like them who can understand them without any judgment. Lockdown and social isolation have cutoff every social interaction. They have no choice left other than to live around homophobic people.

It's heartbreaking when we go through news where homophobic parents are forcing their children to behave straight. They are questioning their sexuality. Some are forcing them to visit a psychiatrist, as they treat homosexuality as a mental disorder.  All these things can have a major impact on homosexuals. As they have no social interaction and after that, they are having so much conflict with themselves and sexuality. Living 24 * 7 with homophobic can leave them with severe anxiety, depression, and even suicidal thoughts.


Many parents of homosexuals did not have any idea about their sexuality earlier and now due to lockdown, they are living with them all day they are discovering about their sexuality. Even in the times of lockdown and pandemic, they are abusing their child both physically and mentally for their sexuality. The LGBT community is going through difficult times. Some LGBT teens due to the fear of rejection are trying to behave straight which is creating more mental chaos. Some LGBT is turning homeless by their parents. Even if they are legalizing but still there are many stigmas and stereotypes attached to them.


To escape from those homophobic are anti LGBT hostility they are locking themselves at home. Daily conflicts and arguments with their parents living them lonely and high anxiety. 


Even earlier LGBT have to face homophobia but then they have an option to ignore and concentrate on themselves. But they don’t have an option to escape they have to face it daily. Not only at home, even on social media, but they are also getting hatred and abusive comments. In such a difficult time, abusive comments and trolls can destroy one’s self-image.


They fear rejection more than the pandemic. Due to the daily harassment, they can’t concentrate on their work.   even they are hiding their sexual intercourse, not coming for corona checkup only by the fear of rejection.


Due to homophobia, LGBT is at higher risk of violence, aggression, hate crimes, and homelessness. according to many psychologists, LGBT community people are at higher risk of developing serious mental disorders.


Homophobia is a negative attitude that we must give up. We should accept every community. The government should create a helpline number for these communities where they can get help whenever they want. Most importantly parents should understand that being homosexual is normal. We all have a different sexual orientation, and it's absolutely normal to be gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgender.


As we all are going through a very difficult time, so without even creating it more difficult for others we should help them.

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