Hobbies Taking care of mental health every day!

Hobbies Taking care of mental health every day!

The very basic question that every child has faced is to tell about his/her hobbies. Without even realizing its importance we have been answering those questions and asked the same question to children when we became adults. We can’t deny the fact that we all had one and we might still have one. However, how many of us have taken time to think about the role of hobbies to play in our daily life? Hardly very few! The leisure time that we spend has huge impact on our physical, mental and social life. The reason why many experts say to have ‘ME’ time is exactly for the same reason, to maintain a healthy mind and body!
In current era we experience several changes in family, relationships, economy, technology, culture, identity, individual preferences, education, work and so on. It brought many new challenges, stress, depression, anxiety in us while trying to adapt to new demands of life. In the process of adapting to the new challenges that life throws at us, we, sometimes lose ourselves. It happens because, the importance of self–care is either unrealized or neglected by the individual. Research says that, those who spend a quality leisure time lead a healthy life in physical, psychological and social aspects. Thus, every person must put themselves first in care and love before they give them to others. It isn’t being selfish because, we can never pour love out of an empty cup!Here are 7 reasons why we should start having structured hobbies in order to keep ourselves sane enough amid all hardships of life.

1. Stress reliever and mood changer
Spending a quality time with yourself will ease your stress. Just doing what you love is going to be a fun and personal - engagement process. So why not do it? The moment you start giving yourself a company is a choice to bring happiness into your daily life. Having a monotonous routine will dull out the zest of life. Try giving a present to yourself in a form of hobby and make a choice to create a healthy mind and body.

2. Supports physical wellbeing
Yes! You read it right! People might wonder about the link between a leisure activity and physical health. There are so many good effects of hobbies on our physical health. Many researches say, individuals who have a structured hobby included in their routine tend to live longer and those who doesn’t involve in personal - engagement activities tend to lead a stressful and unhealthy life.

3. Skill development
Hobbies gives a person space to explore in different areas of his interest without any pressure of being perfect. Since there is a freedom to do mistakes, creativity reaches its peak. This will help them learn new things in life through trial and error method. So, be it painting, singing or playing carrom, allow yourself to be imperfect before mastering the skill.

4. Boost focus and concentration
There are studies that shows the connection between right amount spent on leisure time and increase in flow state of a person. Flow state is being completely immersed in one’s action. It helps a person to stay connected to the task they are doing with complete focus. We have organizations around world that tries to increase the flow state of its employees which ultimately will increase productivity. If you are a person who wants to improve concentration and productivity, it would be the best choice to pick a hobby and stick to it.

5. Improve social well-being
Hobbies does include recreation and socializing activities like sporting together, watching a movie with friends and going live on Instagram. This would bring more people closer to each other and gives us a good interpersonal experience. Individuals tend to learn on different people and their lifestyles during such interactions. It would help them become a ‘people person’ where they move well with others in their social circle and gain more friends. Thus, having a healthy social life makes a person to feel secured on overall basis.6. Time management
When we include a leisure activity along with our daily work in the schedule, we are actually training our mind to manage time properly. This is because, it has already gone into the schedule. Here the choice we make on personal - engagement activity matters a lot. When the hobby we choose isn’t going to excite us, we tend to fall back to the mundane routine like before. So, choose only the activities that you like! Thus, a structured ‘ME’ time with right choice of activity make wonders.

7. Builds self esteem
The base of human motivation is to satisfy our ‘esteem’ needs and be successful. The little amount of time spent for relaxation on regular basis has huge impact on developing our skills and improving our life in several aspects. Especially being a human, gaining capacity to perform well in personal, professional and social life is an immune shot for our self–esteem. In that case, owning a hobby enables us to open the key to success path!

So finally, a reminder to carry with you always…
If you are losing your leisure, look out! It maybe you are losing your soul.
Virginia Woolf

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