Google's Director of Mental Health and well-being Laid off

Google's Director of Mental Health and well-being Laid off

The head of Google’s mental health and wellbeing program was affected by the job cuts last Friday. Google has been actively laying off its employees in the last month. According to them, they had over-hired their company and the change in macroeconomic conditions needs a lesser workforce than before.

All major tech companies such as Amazon, Microsoft, and Facebook are undergoing the same process. Kristina Maczko had worked for Google for a good amount of fifteen years. She put a post on Linkedin last Friday, expressing her gratitude toward Google as a company and all the people who worked with her. Upon questioning Satya Nadella, he told that they are undergoing a rigorous review across all the companies under Google. People seem clueless about how the layoffs are being conducted and they struggle to find a link to all the people who had to leave.

Mental health and well-being are really important sectors for the company and the work is in the forefront of the industry. We do not know what Google has in plans but subsequent importance will be given to restructuring this area.

Kristina Maczko started as a data scientist and later on, she worked in finance. She held a leadership position at Google cloud. She had training in psychology and had been heading the mental health and well-being program. Along with her many employees in the well-being program have also been laid off. One employee with an experience of 20 years also had to leave. It seems inside Google, that very critical people have not been affected but many good employees with skills and impressive abilities have.

Google would terminate their accounts and data such that they would have to reply from their personal accounts. They would get an impersonal email letting the employee know that they do not have a job for them anymore. The world has changed in the past years and to match the changing environment, the service industry is also making landscapes. All the tech companies are making similar changes in their organizational structure similar to google.

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