The pandemic time period has changed everything in children's life. Their routine of starting the day by going to school, bringing back homework and activities to do, playing with children, being social, and having a structured day is missing for them for almost 2 years now. This is led to a lot of emotional and psychological issues in the children which were earlier not prevailing in these age groups as they were busy playing and enjoying their life but now they are constricted inside the four walls as their parents are scared for them to acquire this virus. It is extremely important for having a meaningful routine for children so they can develop in the right manner as the current routine that they are following is hindering their growth. This routine should be in a way that reduces children's stress which they are requiring due to the pandemic. 

Prachi Kohli who is a counseling psychologist at Kaleidoscope at a unit of Dr. Bakshi’s Healthcare has given some tips for creating a routine for the children. She says that in the absence of any routine, children will face uncertainty and confusion which will create a void in their life. As the environment is filled with all the negative power which takes a toll on their mental health. So it is important to teach them how to manage the time and the importance of ability which will create awareness in them about how to utilize the time which will eventually boost their confidence level. 

Children look up to their parents as role models so if you yourself are struggling to manage your life and have an unstructured day that would leave a negative impact on your children as they learn by observing others. It is very essential for you to create and positive impact on your children so that they want to adopt the same habits as yours. So check your own routine and day before you move on to improving your children's lives as we don't realize that this is the way children learn the most.

We all know that visually appealing things attract children so we should get them an attractive planner so that children engage with them as it will make their lives interesting too by having colorful things around them to play and practice with. Make education interesting for them at home by adding lessons and techniques of combining their favorite play activities through their education which will increase the joy and happiness and also making them learn which would increase their interest in learning activities or education more. 

Recreational activities and hobbies should be added to the child's day as a routine as it will make them feel motivated throughout the day and also enhance their skills and their hobbies which increases their learning as well. Because of the pandemic, children had nothing to do so their sleep patterns were deeply interrupted and according to a sleep survey done by three sleep organizations, it revealed that COVID-19 impacted about 57% of the children waking up later than usual. So this habit deteriorated the quality of the structured day and children's routine. If the reason for your child waking up late is that he/she is going to bed late, then it is suggested to gradually move the child's bedtime forward by 15 minutes for every three nights.

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