Embracing Relationship During Lockdown

Embracing Relationship During Lockdown

Embracing Relationships During Lockdown

Amidst the news regarding the pandemic, which according to could be a significant cause of the 'social 'and 'economic' recession, an issue that I have been thinking about is how not to tank our relationships while in self-quarantine.

Research studies in the field of psychology have proved that any negative event has at least three times the impact of a comparable positive event on our brain hence the natural tendency to focus more on negatives than positives ( Baumeister, 2000).
With the widespread fake news, creating panic all over the world, it is difficult to stay' positive ' and not focus on the negatives.
Apart from this, the major issue that comes up and enables me to think is the fact that people staying with their families. There have been increased cases of divorces, domestic violence, and news about increased arguments and clashes especially among young couples ( staying together and away from each other- i.e, those not being able to meet due to lockdown).

Being associated with the mental health field, what worries me is the long term impact of such clashes in personal relationships, which could be anything beginning from emotional trauma, stress to anxiety and depression

Certain things that I could think of which couples in quarantine lockdown situation can apply are

1. A good way to focus on positives is to find old photos of videos of vacations and time spent together, which otherwise people don't get time to go through. These are a good source of what social psychologists call ' nostalgia thing and have been proved as a source of happiness and well-being. If you have old records ( now is the time to save them all in your drive, for future situations, listening to them really makes you feel happy trust me)
2. To divide tasks at home to avoid burdening one person in the family ( also break the stereotypes ) beginning from your home itself . This also helps to channelize negative energy in positive ways
3. Try to avoid " elementary mistakes " of each other, instead embrace each other accept the flaws understand them, and focus on the positives

4. If you feel the other person does something that bothers you, try not to react impulsively at that moment, take a pause, especially consciously make an effort to avoid - Fundamental attribution error, a term very commonly used by social psychologists ( when we do something wrong there is a tendency to blame on temporary external circumstances)

5. Those staying together can plan out an activity schedule and divide the day accordingly, while those away from each other may plan the schedule and carry out tasks individually, but can discuss what they did and how at the end of the day and maybe incorporate suggestions from each other

6. Try exploring hobbies, if you haven't got time previously to talk about your interest areas and thoughts and ideologies, now is the time to establish an emotional connection with one another, to explore each other's world. One could also teach each other things they are good at ( and test it out)

7. Writing down what you feel about each other what you expect and how it can be achieved, and then sharing weekly maybe
8. Last and a silly one but not least, Incorporate humor in your conversations, laugh at yourself at each other, sometimes it's okay to be silly.

The above-mentioned strategies could enhance your communication, mutual understanding, value, love, and emotional connection with one another, all the strategies may not apply to all, however, you may tweak them a little and Incorporate them as you wish in your life.
I rest my article with the hope that may there be peace in each house, less panic, positivity happiness and wellbeing

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