Choose worthy opponents

Choose worthy opponents

I read recently that after Olympic athletes returned home from their games, some of them suffer from what psychologists call POD aka post-Olympic depression. After being in the world's spotlight and training for years to excel in competition, the athletes who suffer from this affliction fall into a state of depression once they get back to their daily lives. It seems that having achieved the pinnacle of success, there is no higher target for them to aim for and so life loses its meaning. A similar phenomenon was experienced by the Apollo astronauts who walked on the moon after achieving this degree directed at the realization that few things in life could match the excitement of traveling into space.

To maintain a healthy level of optimism and passion for life, you must keep on setting higher and higher goals on attaining one goal. Whether it is a career goal or a personal one, it is essential that you quickly said the next one I call the process of setting progressively bigger more engaging goals, "choosing worthy opponents". When a friend was practicing law he spent much of their time in courtrooms representing the interests of their clients. Over the years they argued that in these cases they always found they perform the best were when they appeared against the toughest opponent. Those bright highly prepared and exceptionally focused litigators forced them to get to the core issue before the judge and deliver my arguments effectively. The worthiest opponents compelled me to reach deep within myself and do even better than I had previously. In the same way, selecting the study steam of compelling goals will liberate the fullest of your talents. Remember diamonds are created through steady pressure. So make certain goals are worthy for you.

Make sure they are the kind of challenges that will force you to reach into your heart and bring out the best within you. Helping you grow in the process. In the personal coaching sessions, many of the participants already have achieved what I consider success in both careers and lives. They are highly respected influential and they enjoy what they do while leading balanced and fulfilled personal life. Yet they join these programs because they know deep down that they can be more and life holds great or towards rewards in store for them. They understand that to truly manifest their human potential and leave a Legacy that lasts, they must keep raising the bar and holding themselves to a higher standard. And because of that attitude of constant improvement life does send greater blessings their way. 

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