Are you addicted to drinking alchohol?

Are you addicted to drinking alchohol?

"Hey! Wassup!! Long time no see. Let's meet one day and grab a drink. What do you say? 

I am too stressed. I need to relieve it. Let's go grab a drink". 

It all starts with this kind of conversation. Every time we consume alcohol, we get a feel-good factor from inside. It is a psychological notion that consumption of alcohol is a cool thing to do and so we drink. Probably this is one of the major reasons why people indulge in drinks. Sometimes we don't even realize the transition as to when fine moderate drinking turns out to be an addiction. And that can be a hint of alcohol use disorder (AUD).

So, alcohol use disorder, also known as alcoholism, is a marked or persistent disorder that is nothing but an over-indulgence in drinking. It is that unchecked consumption of alcohol that develops a pattern in your life where you know you are excessively drinking but wants to get into more indulgence and want to satisfy the inner self. When a glass of alcohol is conceived as becoming a weapon to forget matters or becomes a mode of dealing with stress and troubles, then that's a wake-up call for the one who is consuming it. 

#Ways to quit the addiction: 

Alcohol, by no means, is good. It is very dangerous and addictive. A fun element can become troublesome if you do not eliminate it at the right time. We are unable to figure out the correct good and bad ratio for alcohol consumption, and maybe that is the reason we head towards a couple of drinks at the end of the day. But keeping health in mind, we should think of the risk factors associated with it. It thoroughly gives birth to so many health issues such as liver disease, cardiovascular disease, strokes, heart and brain problems, mental health problems, sleep disorders, erectile dysfunction, and reduces fertility, etc. So you must be aware of the issues linked to it gets stacked up and gives an alarm to the mind that now it's time to break free from it.

#1. Find out the reason for your drinking: The answer to any solution is to find out the problem. Here the problem is drinking, and you need to find out why and what are the causes for your drinking? The grounds of it are social or maybe general curiosity, or it is maybe for some other reasons like the stress of workload or EMI bills, family issues, insomnia or depression or anxiety, that is bothering you in life. If someone finds out the actual cause for taking up drinking in their life, then it is easy for one to cut down their alcohol consumption or maybe, giving up, depending on your will to do so.

#2. Search for alternatives instead of drinking: When heavy or binge drinking takes a toll on your life, then it is high time that you must look for alternatives that will replace your drinking habit at night or late evening after your office. The indulgence of oneself in activities should be more of such nature, that will generate an interest in you or which will make you happy. For example, if you love reading, then go for some brilliant books. You may also go and hit your nearest gym to keep yourself super fit so that you realize the importance of good health and keep yourself away from that bottle.

#3. Embrace and love the change: People who are addicted to alcohol in the initial stages may find it difficult to accept the slightest changes that have occurred in their life. But when a change takes place for good, then you must embrace it and must love it for everything that it represents. We people are very addiction friendly. Quite subtly, we form attachments to anything that takes our heart away, and alcohol consumption is one such thing. It blows one's mind, and we undoubtedly enjoy it. So why not take a break from this form of attachment and change our relationship with alcohol, and then watch where our life takes us. Definitely, it will change us as a person if we stay away from it.

#4. Try to be firm in your decision: Success doesn't come when you are occasional. It comes when you are regular or consistent. So anytime if you see you are getting wayward with the decision, regress and think why you have reached such a conclusion. You might realize the actual reason behind it. 

Often, the challenges seem to be hard, and you might think that you will fail. But little effort put in daily may give you fantastic results.

#5. Seek help: If you are facing some issues, then it is always a wise thing to consult with the person who is near and dear to you. For example, your family and friends, so that they can help you out from the net in which you seem to be trapped. Also, you can look for like-minded people who are on the same path for encouragement and will help you to quit. If further needed, you can also join the support communities and seek help from professionals so that they build that strong urge in you to change.

Conclusion :

"Alchohol is the photoshop for real life." ~ Will Ferrell.

The above quotation has been delivered by the famous American actor who is also a comedian, producer, and writer. It depicts 3D manipulation of images by giving it a beautiful sharpness and adjusting the blurriness that is enhanced much more by making it a lovely and colorful picture. Life is hard, and many fail to see the beauty. So just like photoshop, alcohol edits it and adds more beauty. It makes a photograph look technicolor, and it seems to twist the insights of life to be simple and less harsh for people who are less accepting or else faces difficulties to the challenges thrown by life.

In short, you have to be a little more than just cautious if it is becoming a disease and affecting the people whom you love and care about, especially your own self. Hence, the first step towards a good cause of quitting or cutting down is self-realization, and having an understanding of why you want to do so. The rest of the journey from then onwards becomes a smooth one. So the goal should be to have a good, alcohol-free life as this life is a gift to cherish. And if we have the means, we must know to value to lead a happy and healthy life. Addiction to a harmful product can always be replaced by a passion for every positive urge that you ever believed in.



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