Tear of 'Pain'

Tear of 'Pain'

Sitting in the dark, with the heaviness in the heart;

Holding back the tears which may break him apart,

Scared of the fact that he is all alone;

Scared to face the world, he holds his face in his hands,

And a tear rolls down from his eyes.

He knew that it was not just the tear of sorrow,

But of betrayal, depression, failure;

the success which he had never gained.

He wondered if someone would have been there beside him;

Just not as friend, but the one to pat his back and tell him, "It's okay", the one to tell him that "There is always another door waiting, one more opportunity it is indicating ",the one to tell him to hold all his strength back together and walk towards the door and restart as a fresher.

Back again to the reality; he saw the room was empty,

He was waiting for the sunrise;

Which he thought would be a new day to improve.

The overnight darkness of the room and his heart;

Until the sunrise, he tried to gather his own self, part by part.

The tears which told his story;

were going to be the reason for his own glory.

Tears dried up on his face;

Which was the left out trace of the chance of being defeated in a new race;

Which is again;

Nothing but the 'Tear of Pain'.

About the Author

Sharmishtha Chakraborty
Counselling Psychologist.

I, Sharmishtha Chakraborty am a Counselling Psychologist by profession. I have completed my Master's in Counselling

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