6 stages of serial killers

6 stages of serial killers

In the modern era of technologies and global platforms we can watch thrilling and suspenseful crime shows and crime series such as "mind hunters", "the alienist", "our", "breath" etc. Watching crime shows as entertainment and understanding it as a reality where we live are two different things. Crime series and shows are an indirect representation of the psychological aspect of serial killers or criminals.

6 stages of serial killers

  1. Aura phase: It happened before the first offense. It's about what fantasies the person is having, planning out the idea in the head that is increasing in intensity, about what it is that killer wants to satisfy. 
  • Becoming more antisocial as his fantasies increase and become violent. Sexual acts were drawn from childhood. He may medicate himself from drinks and drugs.
  • Eventually reaches a point where he has to act out his fantasies.


    2. The trolling phase: When the killer searches for victims. It has to do with looking for a location or a victim type that matches the person's fantasy. Let's say that person's fantasy is involved between the age of 20-30 years, blonde hairs, blue eyes, etc. 


     3. Wooing phase: Where the killer lures his victim in gently without letting him know that he is dangerous. 


    4. The capture phase: Where the victim is entrapped. The killer's mask finally comes off. He reveals who he really is. Locking up his victim or rendering him unconscious. Now killers are sure that he is in absolute control. Now he can do anything he wants to do with the victim.

  • Torture, degradation, and rape often lead up to murder.
  • Some offenders want to stay with the body after killing to engage in sexual activity and that sexual arousal is considered as "necrophilia".


    5. Totem phase: The killer often gathers mementos from his victim or victim's body parts, in an attempt to hang on to the feeling of power and control he had. Killers are desired to keep trophies.

  • Mindful of the fact that in the killing is a tremendous sexual gratification that takes place in the killer and oftentimes they want to keep that in their memory bank and they do so by taking souvenirs.


   6. Depressive phase: After the kill excitement is over and the serial killer returns from his fantasy to reality. Depression is likely to set.

  • The reason why some of these offenders repeated is that once they attain that behavior that matches their fantasy they become depressed. 
  • I kind of let down in him, "it wasn't as good as I thought it was"  or  "it wasn't what I hoped for" or "I didn't use that mechanism, that object the way I wanted to because I didn't have enough time."
  • They will use that to eventually feed the next preparation for the next behavioral act to occur to hopefully further meet his fantasy.


According to the FBI reports, the most accessible victims for them are prostitutes. Strangulation is the most common method of killing and 78% of cases involved sexual activity.

I know that many readers have watched crime series and shows, so how will you describe a serial killer? 

Let me know in the comments. 


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