Are You Obsessed with Reels? Let’s know the way to overcome 
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Are You Obsessed with Reels? Let’s know the way to overcome 

Social media has become an integral part of life in this modern era of technology and innovations. Our lives are completely attached and dependent on this virtual network directly or indirectly that has been growing Seeming IG reels kept the netizens contained especially during the times of lockdown when we were completely addicted to this video-sharing feature. Day by day. Seeming IG reels kept the netizens contained especially during the times of lockdown when we were completely addicted to this video-sharing feature.

Why Instagram reels are so popular?

Since the ban of the popular social media platform TikTok across countries, due to safety concerns, many alternatives to this video-sharing app came to the surface. Tiktok was quite popular across the world, especially in India with 150 million using the application. Its easy-to-use interface and short-duration clip allowed users to scroll past enormous videos of personal liking, which became addicting for the user thanks to the post-Jio era in India Internet access became quite easy as compared to before.

To compensate for the loss of TikTok Meta platforms owned by Mark Zuckerberg took the opportunity to introduce new video sharing called Instagram reels, a short-duration video upload feature that soon became popular not only in India but throughout the globe.
Besides bringing positive change and entertainment IG reels have made its users quite addicted to its effects ranging from decreased concentration to wasting a significant amount of time, IG reels are keeping everyone occupied from teenagers to adults.
Like any other social media platform Instagram reels also can be harmful to individuals;

1) Infinite Scrolling:

Like Tiktok, Instagram reels provide the user with an infinite scroll feature that allows us to continuously swipe and scroll our never-ending feed with the tip of our thumb. It makes it difficult to break this endless scrolling once we get started on it.

2) Dopamine Release:

    There is a biological connection between using social media platforms and the pleasure and happiness it provides to us. Like any other social media platform Instagram reels also trigger the release of a chemical component from the brain called Dopamine whose function is to provide us with pleaser and reward through instant reward in the form of likes comments and shares to increase one’s followers. This pleasure allows us to use IG reels for a longer time.

    3) FOMO (Fear of Missing Out):

      Nowadays social media are all about trends and their never-ending challenges. Based on its popularity every user tries to engage with video every time an influencer or celebrity does something. This eagerness to participate every time viral content comes and the need to stay up to date is due to the feeling of missing out on order to stay connected with people on the internet.

      4) Social Validation:

      Social media has the ability to make people seek others’ approval in the form of likes, comments, and shares they get for a post. The seeking for validation makes a user to spent an enormous amount of time making reels. This makes them feel validated in the form of feedback and popularity.

      5) Sensitive content for children:

      Nowadays, mobile phones are easily available to children and they use Instagram for a prolonged period without the supervision of their parents. Children are prone to fall into the dangers of inappropriate content that are pushed across through reels in an algorithm.

      6) Escapism and Entertainment:

      In this fast-paced world, sometimes everything becomes overwhelming, be it in terms of studies, life, or career. Social media works as a great source of distraction for people and provides a space for everyone to pour hours and hours of their attention as a form of escapism.

      Some Tips to cope with the excessive use of Instagram reels;
      1) Set Time Limits:

        Nowadays Instagram has come up with a built-in time limit feature that allows users to monitor and restrict themselves and the time they spend using Instagram. this feature will remind you to a break based on your set limits of 10 minutes to 1 hour of usage.

        2) Divert mind away from the digital world:

        One can try to take a break from social media as a part of healing oneself from digital usage. Engaging in physical activities to recharge your mind, work on your hobbies and enjoy time with family and friends would work great for a digital detox.

        3) Be aware of triggering accounts:

        Beware of the account and users who spread negative content. Nowadays social media has become an easy space to spread negativity, hate, and misinformation that could be triggering and unhealthy for our mental health.

        4) Seek Support:

        One can always seek support from family, friends, and mental health professionals in case the above-mentioned ways are not working for you. If you feel that any form of social media is causing a disturbance in your everyday life, then you always contact a mental specialist.

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