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An extensive understanding of Anger.

Are you angry?

How often are you angry?

Does your anger spoil relationships with your favorite people?

Does your anger cause a problem in your workplace?

Are you worried and having regret for it?

And yes, we have all faced situations like this where we have fought with people and later on regretted our behavior. And yes, the backwash of anger is devastating and painful. In the heat of the moment, we react badly. But the sense of regret always follows us. So how can we term anger in simple language? Anger is an insalubrious and fundamental emotion. Usually, it takes place due to an unfavorable situation not exactly liked by us. It becomes an issue when not managed appropriately. Anger can go to any extent from irritation to violence or rage. It is a sort of psychological threat people usually feel while losing anything they feel is actually valuable to them. It can be the most undesirable trait one can possess within them. You don’t need to look for enemies if you are feeding anger within yourself. 

What are the grounds for anger?

So what can be the causes for your anger? Anger can happen due to different circumstances for different people. It is wise to address or deal with it healthily. Various people handle anger differently. Anger can be a highly complicated emotion, but the one thing that it aims at is that something is wrong though it is a natural emotion. So let’s quickly see the triggering points of anger in people.

#1. It can be due to rejection, disapproval, unfair treatment.

#2. Any traumatic or painful past incident in any one’s life.

#3. Another root cause of anger can be frustration or disappointment from one’s own life.

#4. Low self-confidence and insecurities.

#5. Problems related to personal affairs.

#6. Unfulfilled dreams or desires.

What are the indications of anger?

People who have anger issues will give a clear indication through many signs and symptoms. Before dealing with anger management issues, one needs to look for the display. Some of the alarming signs are:


-High heart rate and high blood pressure 

-Digestion issues

-Depression, and anxiety 

-The tone of voice

-The expression on a person’s face 

-Acting defensively 

-Negative mood swings 

-Being argumentative

How to overcome anger?

Once when you come across the anger issue and then engage yourself proactively to battle the monster within. In the course of battling, you might be drastically failing, but that is fine as long as you keep on trying and sincerely vouch for changing the unhealthy emotions that are taking over you and your life. So here are some quick tips for conquering anger:

#1. Self Acceptance: The first and foremost step in overcoming the devil is to accept the problem you are having. Tell yourself the truth a thousand times that yes, you do have an issue, and you need a fix to it.

Unless you have self-acceptance, you won’t get solutions to your problem.

#2. Relax and Meditate: Another easy technique is to relax your mind and body. These days we tend to overthink a lot, and we give unnecessary constant pressure to our brain and make it work. So one of the potent tools is to calm your brain with meditation or anything that gives you happiness. If you have a hobby, even that can help to keep you calm in times of rage. 

#3. Recognize your anger triggers:  Unless you know it, you won’t do something for yourself. Such is the best way to build up your strength against fighting the odds.

#4. Learn the art of discipline and restraint: These are the golden skills of one’s entire life. You will only gain if you have mastery over these two abilities. 

Discipline can make a man near to perfect. These are something that won’t come overnight. You have to keep on practicing and learn the art. 

It will help you understand what is significant in your life, and you need to work accordingly without giving many reactions to the matters that are least on your priority list.

#5. Practice silence: Yet another tool, a great tool in enhancing your skills of life. The more you remain silent, the more favorable it plays on your part. If you see yourself in rage or fury, take a deep breath and keep quiet. Let the time pass. You will see that at one point in time, your anger has diminished.

#6. Focus only on yourself: When you focus on yourself, you don’t have time to think of the unnecessary scraps around you. When we focus on being more constructive, we are providing more reasons to our brain to be calm and be anger free.


“If you are patient in one moment of anger, you will escape a hundred days of sorrow.” ~ a famous Chinese Proverb.

Anger is vigorous, and in that heat of the moment, we react. But that is something which is very harmful and destroys us from the inside. So as per the above lines, if you can hold on to your anger with forbearance, then you can create many happy days for yourself in the long run. 

We have to learn one thing that the situations are not in our hands. It is something external, and we are powerless in the hands of an outside force. But what is in our control is our behavior. So even though particular things are not working in your favor, it is certainly necessary to maintain calm with yourself as it is beneficial for your mental health. If you want to bring a positive approach to your life, then stop reacting to the negatives. One of the essential abilities you can master over a period of time is by learning anger management techniques and also by living a healthy life. The determinants of your life’s quality directly affect your mental health. So if you have learned how to manage your devastating anger, it will not just help you personally, but it will also help you to grow professionally in your workspace. 

Yes, you can win. Are you ready for the triumph against anger?









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