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What is Yes Parenting?

There are hundreds of researches explaining the negative effects of authoritative and overprotective parenting. Parents are realising that kids are individuals with their minds and preferences. To grow, Children need to be provided with warmth and support so that they


Helicopter Parenting: Impact on Kids’ Independence and Self-Esteem

The term “helicopter parenting” has recently emerged as one of the popular “labels” for a particular style of child-rearing. It is based on constantly hovering over a child’s activities as well as monitoring his or her decisions. While stemming from


Parenting in the Smartphone Era: Effects on Child Development

“My child doesn’t eat without watching videos on the smartphone”, “he cries and throws a  tantrum if I don’t give him the phone.” These are common statements we hear at family dinners by the parents. In a world where our

Awareness Parenting

Paving the Way for Gender-Neutral Parenting and Acceptance in Society

“Equality means more than passing laws. The struggle is really won in the hearts and minds of the community, where it counts.” This quote given by a prominent activist, Barbara Gittings, who worked towards the cause of acceptance of the


Common Parenting Problems and Their Solutions

Are you struggling to deal effectively with your children and you’re constantly at odds with them? Do you wish that there was magic formula for getting them to listen to you? Don’t worry, you’re not alone!! Parenting isn’t an easy


Parenting Your Partner is Good or Bad?

Parenting is frequently related to raising kids, navigating existence’s challenges, and providing unconditional love and guide. However, a less explored thing of parenting is essentially associated with the improvement of person relationships, in which one partner performs a nurturing or

Parenting Positive

Positive Parenting for Working Parents: Skills and challenges

The issue of parenting has been of interest to psychologists all around the world and with the changing family dynamics and the technological society, it is garnering even more attention. The word parenting is a simple one, but its meaning


Parenting with Neurodiversity: Nurturing Diverse Minds

We all are different in terms of everything. So, how can someone be similar in their cognitive functions? Neurodiversity is considered abnormal everywhere and has mostly been treated as a problem to be solved. Although, mental health professionals are trying


The Evolution of Parenting Styles: A Deeper Look

The shift in parenting styles from authoritarian to more permissive involves more than just a modification in discipline methods; it signifies a deep-seated change in how children are seen. Today’s parent sees their child as an individual whose thoughts are


Permissive Parenting: Its Approach and Impact on Child Development  

Low demands and strong responsiveness are traits of permissive parenting. Warm and receptive to their children’s emotional needs are characteristics of permissive parents. However, they don’t always impose boundaries or define norms. Parents that adopt a lenient approach are highly